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In recent years, UK construction businesses have become much more diverse. No longer are these companies dependent upon hosts of subcontractors who are not always able to meet stated deadlines. Of course, this reliance on subcontractors causes frustration for the contractor and the client. Inevitably projects were not completed on time and sometimes exceeded proposed budgets.

Due to severe layoffs in the construction industry, today’s UK construction contractors have turned to hiring UK workers with experience in a number of important solutions that, in the past, would have been subcontracted. In the past, plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, heating and word working specialists were often subcontracted. Today, these skills are provided by employees of the UK’s best residential and commercial and industrial building contractors.


Other areas of the construction industry that have been especially hard-hit by the double dip recession are the architectural design and interior design sectors. UK construction professionals have been quick to retain the services of proven designers and polished architects. These are important components in the construction industry.

These are a few of the services commercial building contractors now provide:

  • Offers fit-outs
  • Commercial property refurbishments
  • Tile, wood, vinyl floor installations
  • Plastering in rendering services
  • Data centre design and installation services
  • Communication room design and installation services
  • Interior fit-outs, including partitioning
  • Furniture purchase and installation
  • CAD design services and construction
  • Electrical design and installation services
  • Cladding and building fabric supply
  • Cladding and building fabric repair
  • Security System, fire alarm system and video recording equipment installations
  • PVC guttering and fascia services
  • HVAC and air conditioning installation
  • Demolition and removal services

In the UK today, one call to a 21st century building contractor can lead to the solutions for all these skills.

Commercial construction companies have expanded into both residential construction and landscaping services.

UK residential building services including:

*Extensions, additions and lean to lose
* Complete kitchen and bathroom renovations
* Floor solutions for coal products
* Plastering in rendering services
* Internal and external design services
* Guttering and fascia solutions
* Electrical design and installation
* Plumbing design and installation
* Roofing design, repairs and installation services
* And more!

There are very few residential construction firms that have not felt the pain of the double dip recession. The housing market remains stressed forcing full service building contractors who are performing more renovations and more fit-outs than in the past. This is caused by the fact that today’s property owners prefer revamping and renovating rather than take on new construction.
Whatever your choice, you can be assured that today’s UK construction companies are full service and focused on the success of Each project. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Contact a full-service construction contractor for details.

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