A Retail Property Security Checklist

Keeping your business premises safe and secure is a task that requires careful consideration. The more security you have the less chance career burglars and opportunistic thieves have of breaking in to steal stock and cause damage. With this in mind, it is worth considering the following security checklist.


As banks falter, the cost of insurance increases and everyone is feeling the squeeze. Whether it is motor insurance or home insurance, everyone wants to find the best deal possible and the retail sector is certainly not exempt from such concerns.

However, whilst cutting costs is important, security should never be compromised and it is important to keep your business both protected and insured.

Measures such as alarms, shutters and gates not only act as more obvious visual deterrents and a means to lower insurance costs, they offer an extra line of defence when it comes to attempted theft. For those who are keen to ensure the highest level of security for their business, here are a few simple things to include in your checklist and as part of a defence against potential damage and loss.

Window fittings

Retail properties tend to use large glass frontages, which allow consumers to view and browse products easily. However, these windows on their own are not so good for security as with a little persistence they can be shattered and broken.

To improve window security consider having widows fitted that use laminated glass combined with a fine wire mesh. If this type of window shatters the glass will stay in place, ensuring a barrier is maintained between interior and exterior.

Window shutters

For complete peace of mind and perhaps a more visually appealing option, it is worth looking at installing shutters.

Shutters can be closed overnight when the building is unoccupied, protecting windows from vandalism or attempted break-ins. For an option that still allows consumers to view your stock, take a look at see-through shutters. A more attractive means of protecting a premises, this type of shutter is just as strong and can be made from a range of materials, including steel, toughened polycarbonate or aluminium.

Whilst an initial outlay may be required to implement such measures, each and every option means you can save money over time on insurance and by preventing loss and damage. Taking the time and effort to do so is not simply about the here and now, it is an important investment in the future of your business.

Daley takes a keen interest in all forms of security and along with www.lbsgroup.co.uk aims to help retail businesses in all areas of their security.

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