A Guide to PR- 3 Actionable Tips

Understanding what is involved within a successful public relations strategy is essential for any business owner or entrepreneur. This is because PR is often described as the most cost effective technique for raising customer awareness, so having an understanding of how it works will be hugely beneficial. This guide was created with the up and coming business owner in mind; to give them an insight into three techniques to use as part of a successful PR strategy.

Press Releases

The first skill a successful PR expert will need to learn is how to effectively write and distribute press releases. Press releases are an excellent tool for updating the public about any newsworthy information regarding your company. This will allow the intelligent business owner to create a buzz around their company, which is essential for maintaining interest. Nowadays, we are seeing more and more of these distributed online, with websites such as PR Web distributing press releases throughout the internet efficiently; at a cost.

Press Tours

Press tours can be carried out by following these steps:

  1. Identify the bloggers or journalists that are highly influential within your industry.
  2. Create a reason for them to want to talk to you, or possibly even meet you.
  3. Create interesting and newsworthy content that would interest the readers of the blogger or journalist.

If carried out correctly, the end result should be that the blogger or journalist writes about your company, and presents it to their readers. This will provide you with a huge amount of exposure for your company. Because you chose a blogger/journalist that is influential within your industry, that exposure will include people that are already interested in your products.

Trade Shows

Going to trade shows is an excellent way of developing relationships with important people within your industry. Not only will you learn a lot, but you will build connections with a huge number of people. In doing so, you will often find that you begin acquiring referrals, or creating opportunities for yourself and your company later down the line.


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So there we have it, three techniques that you can use as part of your PR strategy. A successful strategy requires a great deal of time, effort and expertise. As a business owner, you might not have the kind of resources to make it happen; but don’t worry. You can always begin utilising PR at a later date, when your company is more developed and requires less of your time on a day to day basis. Alternatively, you can hire an agency or freelancer to carry it out for you, and because they are experts; they will do it the right way.

Daniel Blinman is an active PR specialist blogging on behalf of Eclat, who specialise in Tech PR

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