A Checklist That Will Help You Choose A Better Conference Center

Print This Checklist and Use it to Select Your Next Meeting Venue or Conference Center.

Here we go:

  • Is the meeting venue fully integrated? (Does it contain hotel, leisure, retail, and entertainment facilities?)
  • Is it high-tech, state-of-the-art or old world fuddy duddy?
  • Is the venue versatile enough to hold meetings, receptions, parties, retreats and conferences?
  • Is it equipped with enough rooms? Does it have executive floors?
  • Does it have a variety of food and beverage outlets?
  • Are the facilities 4- or 5-star? Or, are you paying through your nose for something that will hit you below the belt?
  • How is the meeting room located inside the venue? Is it situated in an obscure area at the back of the hotel or does it make for a vibrant and energizing venue?
  • How big is the venue? Will it resemble the inside of a cramped underground train if you get a full house, or is it large enough to make everyone feel comfortable?
  • Does the venue get natural day light? Does it offer a panoramic view of the skyline? Are the boardrooms comfortable?
  • Is it equipped with superior audio-video capabilities? Does it have built-in LCD projectors/screens? Does it have high-speed wireless Internet? Is it equipped with interactive boards?
  • Is it equipped with that universal life-saver – the coffee machine? Is it well stocked with sodas, mineral water and other knick-knacks?
  • Is there a reception area? Is this area good-looking and modern? Does it have comfortable seating?
  • Does the venue’s kitchen prepare fresh food and vegetables? Can the kitchen cater to snack breaks, corporate lunches and social events?
  • Does it have a separate cocktails or buffet area?
  • Is there a well-maintained lawn around? Many participants love to faff around on lawns.
  • Does the venue supply dedicated wait staff and chefs? All participants love personalized service.
  • How is the seating? Does it make for a passive and boring learning experience, or has the hotel management spent money on space and design? You must hold meetings in a dynamic and stylish meeting venue if you want your participants to be at their creative best.

Conference CentersRemember, reconciling the conference look and feel with typical participant behavior will help you host a vibrant and successful meeting. You want your meeting to succeed and be talked about, and you must spare no effort in making it a blockbuster success.

This checklist should help you choose a chic meeting venue.

Good luck.


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