5 things you must do when you are on a Business Trip to London!

Every year millions of people head to London for business, they pack their meetings into a short space of time and make it difficult to see anything of the fabulous city of London. Well, here are a list of 5 things you must see when you are heading to London on a business trip with little time to spare.

Take a black cab from the airport to your hotel

Work is paying so even though it may be more expensive you should try this authentic way of seeing the city. Also, get chatting to the taxi driver, they can be an amazing source of information and entertainment. Don’t forget to become a black taxi driver they have to take “The Knowledge” test which means they know everything about getting around London and if you need to know how to get to a meeting venue, they are the people best placed to help.

Have dinner in a local pub

Don’t stay and have dinner in the hotel, get out and visit a local pub where they cook local food and serve local people. Try something really English such as “Bangers and Mash” or if you arrive on a Sunday evening, see if they are still doing a good old English Roast Dinner! You are really missing out on what London has to offer if you just stay in your hotel and don’t explore the local pubs and restaurants. Of course no trip to a London pub is complete without tasting a pint of the local beer so don’t just have your usual, have something authentic and British!

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Get up early and see a different London

Get up early in the morning and take a wonder around London when its nice and quiet before breakfast and when there is no rush. At rush hour London can be a chaotic place, but seeing it when  its quietly preparing for the onslaught is quite breath-taking and you will not regret it. Head over to one of the many parks in central London and find a local cafe to have breakfast, it will save you money and again its quite an experience meeting real local people.

Give yourself an afternoon off and explore more

Try and plan your trip to at least give yourself an afternoon to see a bit more of London than you would just travelling between meetings. London is a great place and with great transport networks surrounding it, it’s not difficult to get further out of London to see more of the UK. You can even take day trips to Stonehenge leaving London at 1:15pm and returning at 6pm, what a great thing to do while also fulfilling your work commitments.

Take the London Eye

It is one of London’s most popular attractions and it’s only a 20 minute flight on the Eye and queuing is usually no more than 15 minutes and it is worth it to get one of the best views of London. You will definitely not be disappointed by this and it’s only a 10 minute walk from Victoria Station and you will also see such famous London landmarks as Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament which are right next door.

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