5 Must Have Apps Every Accountant Must Have

Business moves more quickly each day. With the wealth of online information available for business people’s use, it is critical for most business people to be connected or they will miss out on many opportunities. The accountant is right in the middle of all sorts of business transactions. He or she must deal with entrepreneurs, professional people and IT executives in many cases. It is possible that it is more important for an accountant to stay connected than the entrepreneur who hires him or her.

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There are a number of applications that may benefit accountants, but the following are especially critical.

1. PayPal has become the method of choice among many to transfer funds, make payments and provide shipping services because consumers are protected from issuing their credit card account number to every merchant with whom they deal. An accountant must remain on top of all things financial and PayPal is at the top of the list of organisations influential in matters financial.

2. HT Professional Recorder. This application can be extremely useful for accountants to use to record important information including verbal instructions from clients that they may need to use in court someday to CYA. Recording financial information can also help ensure no mistakes in figures or instructions are made. The application comes with three recording modes so you can adjust your recording depending on how far away the person is you wish to record.

3. Tap Forms is a great application that helps you manage complex information. Software licenses, bank account information and other important financial data can be recorded. You can record important data such as contact information, dates, text, times, numbers, and dates.

4. MySpace. No matter what your age, you may have important contacts at MySpace, so it is important to be able to access your account at any time from any location. It is a great way to network with other members of your financial team and check the latest on other projects in which you may be involved. The application is extremely useful because it provides common features you may need to check quickly on-the-go. It may be difficult to access all the features on a small phone version, but at least you can cover the basics and get important information quickly. Since the information is exclusively on your cell phone to which other people should not have access, you may want to save your information to expedite the checking-in process.

5. Google Analytics is a very important application to check your website to see how your efforts for search engine optimisation are coming along for yourself or clients. You can connect to your most important adviser on the web in seconds from anywhere you happen to be when you install this application on your iPhone.

Accountants and other professionals need to appreciate that their iPhone is so much more than a telephone. It is basically a second computer when you are away from your home or office. If you are not tapping into the benefits, you are missing opportunities.

Sarah writes for Drummond LLP a bookkeeping and sccountancy service provider. Drummond provide their services to the wider South West region but focus on providing bookkeeping in Plymouth for small and medium sized businesses.

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