5 Common Uses of Virtualization

Virtualization; ever heard of it? If you’ve ever worked in any kind of modern-day organization then there’s a good chance you have. Virtualization is quite simply, one of the greatest technological developments of our time. It saves companies and organizations millions of dollars in time and resources. How does it do this? Let me give you five examples of some common uses of virtualization.

  1. Training – Virtualization enables companies to simulate a program or situation where trainees can use them as if they were real. This allows them to gain the practice and experience they need, without the worry of them doing something stupid to your real system.
  2. Development – One of the greatest uses of virtual servers is the ability to host developmental projects, such as new websites, in a space where the entire team can access them and work on them securely. Remote access to the developmental project makes progress very convenient when team members are working remotely.
  3. Backing Up Files – This one is a no-brainer. One of the greatest priorities of any organization is to back up everything. Virtualization provides a very accessible solution to backing up files and data. It also stores it where any authorized person can access it remotely. If there is ever a need to recover those files, restoring them is extremely simple because virtual servers can store backup information on one file. It should be noted that proper virtualization security measures should be taken, such as firewalls, when using virtual servers to backup files that are sensitive to an organization.
  4. Testing New Programs – Just because you get a new program it doesn’t mean it’s safe to use, right? Why not use virtual servers to test out new software before using them on your main system? This is definitely a common use of this great technology.
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  6. Transferring Data – Finally, the ability to transfer data, files, and information from one server to another, and not have to worry about any kind of downtime, is really making companies and organizations more efficient. This is perhaps one of the greatest uses of this technology. Because virtual servers have unlimited capacity, you don’t ever have to worry about having enough memory, or computing power.

There are many other great uses of virtualization technology. These are just a few. If you sit back and really think about how this ability has changed our world you will see just how vital it has become, and is, to the growth of our economy. Security is an issue, but it is with any technological advancement and virtualization security solutions do exist to put any concerns to rest. 

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