3 Ways Delivery Companies Can Keep Customers Happy

Every business owner knows that in order for your company to survive, you must remain ahead of the competition. This means consistently updating your strategies and marketing tactics. While door-to-door advertising may have effectively helped businesses succeed back in the day, times have drastically changed. With today’s advanced technology, most notably the use of the internet, businesses have found new and better methods of keeping their business alive and thriving. But, as businesses develop and create new ways to help their company stand out, it’s crucial that they pay special attention to the satisfaction of their customers.

Every business, whether small or large, and regardless of your specific industry, has dealt with good customers, bad customers, and those in-between. In either instance, these are the people who can make or break your business. The best way to keep customers is to interact with them. Interacting with your customers is an effective way to brand your business as well as draw in new customers and keep existing customers. Delivery companies and businesses who hire delivery companies especially have the upper-hand advantage in customer interaction since they are in direct contact with customers.

Whether you own a delivery company or utilize the services of a delivery company to ship products to your customers, below are three effective ways to keep your customers happy.

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  1. Use the white glove delivery approach
    When shipping products, companies should resort to the white glove delivery shipping method. This delivery method includes the delivery and installation of a product that a customer orders. The delivery person will bring the product inside of the customer’s home and set it up for the convenience of the customer. Even the smallest and simplest products can be hard to put together, causing confusion and frustration on the customer. This can then lead to an unhappy customer who will most likely want to resort to another company to avoid the hassle. Additionally, white glove delivery shipping allows the one-on-one interaction with customers and businesses. While businesses can connect with customers online or over-the-phone, white glove delivery allows for direct interaction with customers. With the use of white glove delivery shipping, you can save customers the hassle and formulate a relationship with them.
  2. Have a positive and upbeat attitude
    While knowing how to assemble a product for a customer is sure to satisfy them, the attitude of the delivery person can disappoint or appease a customer. When delivering and assembling a product, the moment the delivery person meets the customer, they should have a positive attitude. This means smiling and talking in a positive tone. Also, be patient with the customer, listen to what they have to say and answer any questions they have.
  3. Follow up with your customers
    After a delivery is made, businesses should follow up with customers. Doing so informs the customer that you want to ensure they are completely satisfied and allows them the opportunity to comment or voice their concern – to a real person. Also, this interaction is an opportunity to identify the needs of your customers. You have different methods in following up with customers, whether you want to call them or send an email. In either instance, you should keep the conversation fairly brief to avoid annoying a customer and thank them for their response.

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