3 Simple Ways To Make A Happy Workforce

You may know not it, but the success of your businesses could hinge completely on the morale of your workforce. Having employees with low job satisfaction can lead to a myriad of negative consequences. Low job satisfaction leads directly to low work quality which can have knock on effects that include: decrease of customer satisfaction, decrease in sales efficiency and loss of new  customers, all of which have a negative consequence on your brand as a whole. Furthermore, unhappy staff are likely complain to colleagues, causing contempt to spread potentially uncontrollably. In addition to this the resignation of happy staff will mean the loss of the time and resources that are required to find and train a replacement. Luckily there are several simple and in some cases enjoyable solutions to advert this potential disaster.

Laughter Really Can Be the Best Medicine

It has been clinically proven that laughing can act on a biological level to heighten mood, improve the immune system and even protect against heart attacks. So in essence, enough laughter can completely solve your morale problems and reduce the number of sick days you suffer. However, without pumping nitrous oxide (laughing gas) through your building you are unlikely to ever achieve enough laughter whilst retaining any kind of productivity. Still arranging social events and you yourself being amiable will go a long way towards loosening everyone up.

Be Proficient With Employee Wages

In a modern age where people use direct debit paying wages in even a day late or underpaying an employee can mean unpaid bills and a serious headache for an individual. In addition to this late wages can reduce employee respect and time can be wasting trying to resolve any issues. If you find it too difficult or time consuming to do your payroll effectively then it may be cost effective to hire professional payroll outsourcing services to do it.


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Recognition is a great way to let your employees know that the people surrounding them are than just the colleagues. Studies have shown that people working with people they have a attachment to work harder and are generally happier than those who see his colleagues as strictly colleagues. Recognition should be given for both personal and professional achievement and can be through a simple card or speech or even a cake. When celebrating professional achievement it is prudent to give group awards, this not only increases group morale, but because obtaining a peers gratitude is a stronger incentive than a basic personal or financial reward everyone in the office will work hard towards achievement.

Written by Jacob Catt on behalf of Trace Payroll – specialist providers of payroll outsourcing services with more than 30 years experience.

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