Why Hummers are Considered the Perfect Limousine Choice

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1) What makes the Hummer Limousine a special vehicle for any event?
2) How long is the typical and most common length for the Hummer Limousine?
3) Why Hummer Limousine is easy to decorate?
4) How many people can the Hummer Limousine transport?
5) What decorations you can put on Hummer Limousine?

Whether you’re attending the prom, a bachelor party, a wedding, a company hosted event or any kind of gathering, a limousine is a great and attractive way to enter into the party. One of the great things that make a Hummer Limousine a special vehicle for any event is that it can be fitted for just about any purpose or any event. The typical and most common length for the Hummer Limousine is about 38 feet long (it might vary a couple of feet here and there depending on the company).

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Easy To Decorate

Taking the length and the amount of ample room into account, it’s very easy to decorate the inside of the hummer to whatever event or gathering you would like. Perhaps you’re throwing a Halloween party and you’d like to turn the Hummer into a spooky ride or you’re celebrating a Wedding and want something a little more joyous and festive. There’s plenty of room for equipment as well as decorations which makes adding props and accessories a breeze.

Another great decoration and accessory on some special Hummer Limousines is that they can come equipped with a Jacuzzi for that couple looking to get away from it all on their honeymoon or for a romantic date. Another special touch you can add for that special romantic touch is to add roses/flowers along the floor/walls and even put chocolates in the Hummer as well. Perhaps you’d like to relax with some champagne from the custom bar included in the limousine and lay back while some relaxing music plays.

Not Just For Romance

That’s just one example and one idea of what you can do with a Hummer Limousine because you can also use them for parties and a great time as well. If you’re looking to plan a wild night of partying and going crazy, the Hummer has enough room to virtually turn into a party bus which can act as a night club. The sound systems that come equipped in the majority of these are equipped to handle some of today’s modern music technology to give you the best and most surreal sound possible all without disturbing the peace on your ride.

For a little bit of splash and decoration, you can add a disco ball, some party lights or hire someone to be a bartender at the fully stocked bar as well. What you can do with the decorations and the Hummer Limousine in general is nearly limitless. If you’d like to play music videos while you’re playing music, you should ask your driver or the company about implementing (or finding a Hummer) with a TV pre-installed that can be hooked up and do this.

How Many People Can The Hummer Limousine Transport?

A typical roomy Hummer Limo will be able to carry up to 20-24 people which gives you the flexibility to host just about any kind of event and having plenty of transportation for everyone involved. Depending on the equipment and decorations that come with the Hummer, you obviously might have less room depending on what’s in the Hummer. You just want to make sure that all of your guests or party goers will have plenty of room and be in comfort on their journey. So, if you plan on getting a Jacuzzi in your ride, you’re naturally going to want to plan on less than 20-24 people coming as that will take up quite a bit of room.

Let The Company Know All The Details Before Hand

You’re going to want to make sure you let the company you’re renting from know all of the details before hand such as your budget, how many people plan on going, what all you want included inside the ride and where you will be going. Any special needs or accommodations should be stated as well. Make sure you are crystal clear on the pricing and try to get it in writing in case they try to charge you something differently than agreed upon when it comes time to pay the bill.

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