Why Ford developed Hands-Free Perpendicular Parking and Traffic Jam Assist

Ford, one of America’s largest automakers, has recently announced that their complete line of vehicles will soon feature two new cutting-edge driving technologies; Hands-Free Perpendicular Parking and Traffic Jam Assist. This type of technology was actually introduced by Toyota in its Toyota and Lexus vehicles a few years ago. Ford saw the impact these features made on driving and decided that they will be featured in their complete line of vehicles soon as well.


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The Hands-Free Perpendicular Parking system uses a built-in sensor on the rear of the vehicle to alert the driver to any obstacles the driver may not be able to see when he or she is backing the vehicle into a curbside parking space. If the sensor detects any obstacles, it will alert the driver to stop, eliminating injuries and damage that may occur. This also works to reduce the number of alternating reverse and drive procedures involved in curbside parking as it allows the driver to get closer to the vehicles that are already parked. If there is not enough space to complete the maneuver in one step, the system will advise the driver to shift into drive or reverse, and then once the vehicle is in the correct position, the driver will get a finish signal.

Traffic Jam assist is another next generation technology that will be featured in upcoming models built by Ford. The Traffic Jam Assist system is designed to help you keep a safe distance from other cars, especially in traffic. The system helps the driver to merge more easily into heavy traffic via radar and cameras installed in the car. It analyzes the amount of traffic and the speed of the traffic to help the driver move into traffic and once in traffic, uses the cruise control mechanism to maintain a safe distance from other cars and keep up with the flow of traffic as well. With many areas experiencing increased traffic, this system will help to not only keep drivers safe but also keep traffic moving more effectively.

The engineers at Ford feel that integrating these “intelligent” techniques will not only benefit the driver, but also the other driver’s around them as well. Using the Hands-Free Perpendicular Park assist gets you parked quicker and more efficiently which means the less time you are blocking traffic and the less chances you have to damage another vehicle. The Traffic Jam Assist helps the driver merge more safely into traffic without cutting off other driver’s and opening up the potential for accidents. It can help relieve some of the stress of driving in traffic as well. Although these are automatic systems, the driver can turn either of them off at any time to take control of the vehicle. Engineers feel that these new systems are the future of driving with more cars on the road, but the same roadways they have been using.

Ford has also pointed out that an added benefit to these systems is the amount of stress they reduce for a driver. Perpendicular parking and traffic jams are two things that most drivers try to avoid, and these systems can help reduce the stress and anxiety driver’s face with these challenging driving situations. These systems allow the driver to use technology to make driving easier.

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