What to Bear in Mind When Considering a Company Vehicle

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1. What are the considerations needed if the company needs a fleet vehicle ?
2. What is a fleet?
3. How can vehicle be a powerful tool for local marketing?
4. Why do we need to consider environmental factors of a vehicle before buying it?
5. What can we get from building a flee vehicles ?

A vehicle can be a powerful, but costly, asset for businesses. That’s why the purchasing process requires research and pragmatic methodology. Is leasing an option? What features are necessary for each unit? How about logos and advertising to build name recognition? When a company decides they need at least one fleet vehicle dedicated to work there are many considerations.

Resale Value

Most people realize that vehicles depreciate over time, but buying the right car can improve resale value to improve return. Companies interested in a specific model should look up the five-year resale value prior to purchase. Resale value is dependent not just on the make of the car, but body style and location, as well.

Environmental Factors

Fuel costs are escalating. In today’s market, looking for a new vehicle means examining the environmental factors. Businesses can offset some of the operation expense by purchasing a hybrid or energy-efficient automobile. In some areas, there are even tax benefits for getting a vehicle that is environmentally friendly.

Business Needs

Companies need to factor in how the vehicle will assist in operations. Obviously, an enterprise looking to haul displays and products needs something different then a representative in charge of wining and dining clients. An employee that uses the car for basic travel might benefit from fold down seats for extra storage space.

Look beyond the immediate plans for the vehicle, as well. How will this car factor into long-term goals? Thinking ahead can prevent the purchase of a vehicle that is a hindrance two years from now when the company has changed its operating practices.


Branding is a critical part of creating a business presence. A company car has the potential to be a powerful local marketing tool. By adding imagery or a logo to the exterior of the car, businesses help build name recognition, especially when they utilize more than one vehicle. In this case, the transport becomes an identifiable extension of the company itself, so appearance and upkeep is critical.

Building a Fleet

Many businesses utilize fleet vehicles as they give a business options. A fleet is a group of transport assets managed as one unit. Building a fleet opens up leasing, financing and resale options. Companies can use fleet service to add conformity to the vehicle selections for branding purposes, as well.

Turning to a fleet service expert takes some of the pressure off making proper choices for vehicle acquisition. These industry specialists look at the long-term picture to help the business get models that fit their needs, and tools for fleet management such as tracking software.

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