Top Used Luxury Cars For Your Money

No matter how much money you have, you generally want to get the best quality you can out of your purchases. The same goes for buying a used car, even more-so given the reputation that some used vehicles can have. That being said there are some great ones out there. Luxury cars are a good choice because the often come as certified used cars. Here are some good ones for your money.


Used BMW 3-Series

This pick is a no brainer. The 3- Series has consistently ranked as the number one upscale midsized car for the last several years. Simply put, it is well worth the price tag. The 2012 redesign has made it even more formidable. It offers a plethora of trim levels that can make your head spin but it is good to know you have options.  It has more than enough power with its 3.0 liter, 6 cylinder, turbocharged engine that offers incredibly sharp handling (it is available in a turbocharged 4 cylinder as well but why bother?) It is slightly bigger than the pre-2012 models which gives more leg room in the back seat. The interior is still the exquisite luxury you would expect from a BMW. The 3 Series makes for an excellent certified used car choice.  If you want the 3 Series coupe or convertible then you might wait a year. They are being redesigned in 2013. This means people will be replacing their used ones for the new models which should mean there will plenty of used ones around.

Used Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Mercedes has one of the best used car certification programs around so no list would be complete without an entry from this famous automaker.  The Mercedes-Benz C-Class makes for an excellent upscale mid-size sedan. This car has a styling exterior, great handling and an beautiful interior.  There are also a wide range of choices from the C250 to the C63 AMG with many different trim kits. There are mixed reviews on the C250 as some claim the 4 cylinder, turbocharged engine doesn’t provide enough power while others claim it is more than sufficient. That being said, if you don’t feel like that is enough power there are multiple upgrades. The C300 and C350 boast a V6 with more than enough horsepower.  It has a decent gas mileage with 22/31 mpg. It is true that the Audi A4 and BMW 328i have a better fuel economy but the C-Class is agile and nimble with a composed ride. For your money it is a great used luxury car.

Used Infiniti G

If you are looking for something sportier and slicker then check out the Infinite G series. While it isn’t as spacious as its competitors, it makes up for it with style and a nice combination of luxury and performance.  It comes in your choice of coupe, convertible or sedan this car has plenty of power with its V6 7 speed automatic transmission. Athletic and agile, this car is considered one of the most fun in its class to drive. It also includes many tech savvy devices such as a rear view backup camera, USB and Bluetooth connections, heat front seats, and duel zone climate control. You simply can’t go wrong with this one.

So there you have it. If you are in the marked for a used or certified used luxury car there are three choices you can’t go wrong with and are sure to impress your friends with.

Jeff Jordan lives in Southern California. He writes about automobiles and technology.

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