Top Things Not to Do When Selling Your Car

This post answers the following questions

1) What should you avoid when selling your car?
2) Why is it unnecessary to restore your car to complete perfection before selling it?
3) What prevents people from having a successful sale of their car?
4) Why is it best to avoid used car dealerships?
5) What to do when selling your car?

Sometimes, when you’ve finally made the decision to sell your old car and get a brand new one, you just want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Unfortunately this hastiness is what prevents people from having a successful sale of their car. However, with the following tips on what not to do, your probability of success is going to skyrocket.


Do the Bare Minimum in Repairs

As a general rule, it’s unnecessary to restore your car to complete perfection before selling it. Trivial maintenance and mechanical repairs are not likely to affect the sale. Therefore, ensure that the car is fully functional and looks good, but don’t sweat the details. If you are unsure what should be repaired and what is superfluous, ask an auto mechanic.

Take Good Photos of Your Car

Even if someone is going to purchase a used car, they want to make sure it doesn’t look used. Make sure to wash and polish the exterior of your car and thoroughly clean the inside. A clean, shiny vehicle will always catch more attention than if you were to just casually snap some photos of it without first making it presentable. Not only will an unclean vehicle dissuade potential customers, but it also says something about its current owner and how they’ve been treating the vehicle over the years. People like new things, so make sure it looks that way.

Don’t See the Dealer

Automotive dealers want to buy your vehicle because they hope to turn a profit on it, so they will always lowball you. Therefore, it’s best to avoid used car dealerships and just sell straight to the buyer. Create professional looking advertisements and put them around where you live or on the Internet. Choose eBay, Craigslist or Kijiji, as they are all great places to sell used items.

Never Hold Back On the Details

When selling anything, especially something as expensive as a car, you never want to withhold information that the customer should know or would like to know. Inform your potential buyers of any mechanical issues or physical issues, such as a scratch on the paint. Provide them with all documents of previous maintenance and repairs. Not only is doing this honest, but it might save you down the road. Nobody wants a visit from an angry buyer complaining of misinformation. There are the top tips on what not to do when selling your car. When selling, just think about what would entice you to purchase the car, and what would ruin your attraction to the car. Use these tips as well as some intuition and your car will be sold off the driveway in no time. Good luck!

Dr. Harrison might be a doctor by day, but by night he’s often found medling in his garage tinkering with the either the overdrive modulator, or fuel injection comunication pod activator in his favorite used car his 1956 Ford  Courier Sedan.

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