Tips on Choosing Aftermarket Rims for Your C-Class

The Mercedes C-Class is a beautiful vehicle designed for excellent performance and handling. However, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to make it reflect your personality or your driving needs. One option you have is to replace the factory wheels with aftermarket rims. How do you make the right choice, though? With the number of styles and types of wheels on the market today, it can be very difficult to choose an option that you’re comfortable with. The guide below will help you make an informed decision for your needs.

Universal Wheels Might Not Be Right for You

When you first start shopping around for aftermarket rims, you’ll find that there are models made specifically to fit your Mercedes C-Class and those made to fit a variety of different vehicles. Universal rims have a series of different bolt holes cut around the center to ensure that the rim will fit a wide range of bolt patterns. While you can find quite a few universal fit rims that will work on your car, it’s always a better choice to go with one that’s designed specifically for your bolt pattern, as this ensures the best possible fit.

Material Notes

Choosing rims for your Mercedes C-Class will involve more than just finding a design that you like and a bolt pattern that fits your hub. You’ll need to know a few things about materials as well. Wheels come in quite a few different materials, from steel to aluminum and magnesium. There are even carbon fiber options out there. Steel is the base metal here – it’s pretty strong, but it’s far heavier than other materials.

Aluminum is the next step up – cast aluminum is lighter than steel, but not necessarily ideal for those looking to slash weight for performance. Forged aluminum is a better choice for that. Beyond aluminum, you will find magnesium rims available. These are ultra-lightweight (not quite as light as carbon fiber, though). Of course, the more exotic the material and the lighter the rim, the higher the price you’ll ultimately pay for your wheels.


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Design Tips for Buyers

When it comes to design, the sky’s the limit. The most obvious element of style is the spoke pattern you choose. You’ll find wide spokes, thin spokes, star shapes, pentagonal designs and more. The design style you choose really has more to do with personal preference than anything else. This is where you can make your car reflect your own personal sense of style. You’ll also want to choose the right color for your needs. Aftermarket rims come in an incredible range of colors, from white to black to neon green, blue and even iridescent colors that change depending on the light and the viewing angle.

Profile Considerations

Chances are good you’re going to want to go with a lower profile tire on your Mercedes C-Class. Low-profile tires offer good grip, better performance and a better aesthetic than standard tires. However, you’ll need to make sure that you have a rim capable of handling your tires.

Brands to Know

Perhaps the most important part of buying aftermarket rims for your vehicle is to ensure that you get a product from a top brand. Buying “bargain basement” brands is not the right option. These can suffer from numerous problems, including cracks and fractures, low build quality and more. Look for rims from companies like Agency Power, HRE, Volk Racing, Antera, American Outlaw, BBS, Stasis or Vossen to ensure that you’re really getting the quality wheels you need to stay safe on the road. 

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