Tips and Ideas for Finding the Ideal Company Car for You

A company car should fit your price limit and perform in a manner that you are satisfied with. Your company is giving you a car either because of two reasons: firstly, they want you to drive in a car of a minimum standard or secondly, so that you have access to a car at all times in case they need your services or help. Do not be afraid to ask your company to provide you with a car that meets your requirements- you are their employee after all and that should not stop you from ensuring that you get a car that fits your demands.

If you want to find a good company car for yourself, first of all, do not forget to get one that you can afford. If you are going for a car that you cannot afford that may have serious financial and legal repercussions because it is you who has accepted the car from the company. This implies that you can afford the car and pay for it. The process can be a tedious one but it would be best to take your time before diving headfirst into an agreement that could affect your relationship with your company.

First of all, make sure that your car is free of tax because taxes are cut out of your paycheck. Since the recent economic recession, taxes may have been imposed upon these cars. If your car is being provided to you free of tax remember that the company car is being given to you as a fringe benefit (free of tax) subject to certain conditions. Be sure to know what these conditions are so that you know whether or not you can meet them before you choose a company car.

Taxes are imposed upon company cars depending upon the emission level of the car. The higher the emission of carbon dioxide, the higher the taxes are.

Do not go for a car that merely seems amazing at first sight. Evaluate your requirements- do you really need that car just because of its aesthetics? Does it satisfy your needs by giving you the amount of mileage you require? Does it consume too much fuel? Does it require too much maintenance? Is it sufficient for you and your family (if you have one)? Do you want a two-seater or a four-seater? Do you want to go for a company car or would you rather get your own car with a higher paycheck?

It is important that you think over these factors so that you know what you want and can describe your requirements to the company rather than going for a car without having thought about it. Your company will provide you with a car befitting your requirements but it is for you to tell them what these requirements are.

Jane Smyth is working as sales person in the car industry. Her job is to provide information for the customers willing to buy new company car (Or as the Danish term is firmabil).

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