The World’s Largest Fleets

As the modern age advances, so does travel and logistics. People don’t blink twice at the thought of posting a letter and having it arrive within a few days, anywhere in the world. In fact, the majority of British people think that having to pay 60p for their letter to arrive anywhere in the country the next day is an outrage. If that letter takes two days, then people really feel like they have been ripped off and think the country is broken.

Others like to take a more relaxed view of it all. Most of the Western world has a great logistics/postal system. Have you ever tried to send a postcard from Cuba? You will arrive home months before a postman has seen that postcard.


Royal Mail

Royal Mail is the postal service for good old Blighty. Founded in the 1500s, it is probably the oldest existing mail/logistics service in the world. Taking in Parcel Force as well, Royal Mail spans the globe, taking in door to door deliver using bicycles, sorting trains that sort mail while it is being transported, through a national network of vans, lorries and depots. Royal Mail then leaves British shores aboard a fleet of Boeing 737s and often regular passenger flights as well.

There isn’t an easy one-stop shop of facts and figures for how big the Royal Mail fleet actually is. Though it’s thought to be in the region of 32,000 vehicles, this doesn’t count all the bikes – 10,000 of which have been recycled. That’s a lot of bikes.


Over the pond, they have always done things bigger and better. America’s ginormous fleets are provided by a few companies. One that everybody has heard of though is UPS. With 398,000 employees, they dwarf others, like Royal Mail, in terms of manpower.

Almost nine million customers are served every day, including people having things picked up and delivered to their door. To support such an immense amount of mail, UPS roll with around 94,000 vans, motorcycles and alternative fuel vehicles. They have a fleet of 229 owned aircraft and they operate in almost 800 airports, domestically and internationally.


Most of the largest fleets in the world are naturally courier fleets, but it’s not just letters and parcels that travel around the land. APSRTC is a bus company in Southern India, they operate and serve all the villages and towns in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Nothing impressive when you say it like that, but let’s throw some stats in there. Andhra Pradesh covers over 106,000 square miles and contains a population of over 85 million.

The company has 19,500 buses covering this area with 114,000 employees. That’s more than half the Royal Mail’s fleet size, and let’s face it, most of that is bikes. APSRTC are in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the biggest bus operator and when you boil it down to people per bus, the company can only grow. At the moment there are 4,300 people per bus in operation – and you thought the bus queue was long in London!

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