The Truth About Driving A Luxury Vs An Economy Car

Many people will claim that it doesn’t really matter what type of car you drive. Having driven both an economy car and a luxury car I can attest to the fact that I’ve noticed a significant difference in the way that I was treated based on the type of car I drove. Not to mention that the impact was sufficient enough to impact me psychologically and mentally. Here’s a first-hand account of my experiences.

An Older Car Will Get You Pulled Over By The Cops

Back in the 90’s I used to drive a green Honda Accord; it was my first car and only cost around $8k or so. Not only did my car stand out due to its unusual sea green color but also because it had a hideous black antenna that I had installed because the original broke off. I cannot count the number of times that I was pulled over by the cops for expired registration, making an unsafe turn or having a broken light. My driving habits are exactly the same at present time and I’ve driven with a broken headlight before in my Mercedes. However, I’ve only gotten pulled over once in 7 years in my Mercedes whereas I just to get pulled over ALL the time in my Accord. After my experiences I can honestly say that I believe that drivers in certain cars are profiled by cops. My Accord wasn’t even lowered or blinged out by any means; it was simply more modest. Since I drive a Mercedes, I feel that law enforcement automatically assumes that I’m respectable, responsible and a good citizen simply based on my car. I also may be projecting a bit but I feel like cops may be more “intimidated” by luxury car drivers; intimidated in the sense that there is a stereotype that people with money may be more aware of the law, their rights and not put up with mistreatment. Now keep in mind that my Accord was rather old and a bit of a “beater” car with over 150,000 miles on it.

A Luxury Car Can Make You Feel Entitled

There was a study performed recently that showed that luxury car drivers are more entitled in the sense where they are more likely to park illegally and more drive like a jerk. Now, I always drive as safely as possible and am not a jerk by any means. However, do I feel more confident and entitled when driving my Mercedes? Undoubtedly; YES. I definitely feel more confident about certain things like parking. It’s hard to explain the reasoning for this but I think I would feel more “humble” and “afraid” to receive the wrath of a stranger if I took up one and a half parking spaces in an economy car; however, it’s like people almost expect that type of behavior from someone driving an expensive car. I also feel like people give me more respect on the road; for example, cars will move over and yield if they see me approaching from behind in the fast or #1 lane on the freeway. Again, I might be projecting and completely off base but I don’t feel like I would receive the same respect in an economy car. Perhaps I’m wrong, but that’s my perception.


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Attention From Males

I received far more attention from guys in my old Honda Accord than in my Mercedes; guys used to lean over and try to talk to me at stoplights all the time. My opinion is that many guys are intimidated by a woman who drives a car that is nicer than theirs even though it’s not a problem with me by any means.  I don’t judge people based on the car they drive at all. However, I feel that people might assume that I’m snobbier or stuck up due to my car.

Written by Jacqueline Starz – Galpin Honda offers a great selection of affordable and reliable cars at excellent prices.

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