The Importance Of Transport On Your Wedding Day

You might think that weddings are all about the dress, the cake, the bride and the groom but you’d only have part of the story. These things add to the special day but that special day isn’t going to be the same without the correct mode of transport.

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Mum is waiting nervously, Dad is waiting disapprovingly, friends are waiting excitedly, ex lovers are waiting reluctantly – the list goes on. But all these emotions will fade away once the ceremony is over and the new married couple embark upon that iconic ‘Just Married’ journey into the sunset. Isn’t it best to savour that moment within a car that looks good, looks classic, looks iconic? A Nissan Micra might lose its comedy value after a short drive down the road. A wedding car needs to be a wedding car that’s right for the occasion.

The car is an important element for creating the ambiance of an event. Whether it’s a wedding or a funeral, or a day out at the F1, the car identifies what event you’re at. Not having a wedding car at your wedding would be like strolling down the aisle wearing a pair of Hawaiian shorts and a straw hat. When cruising back to the hotel you want people to know what’s just happened! You want people to look and feel envy! You want people to know that you’ve just created a memory that’ll last forever – hopefully that memory will be looked back upon with fondness rather than disdain but nevertheless the image of a wedding needs to be upheld and your vehicle needs to add to that ensemble.

A bit of pomp
Let’s be honest here. Who hasn’t wanted a chauffeur for the day? To be driven around in a nice car whilst you sit back and relax and take in the moment is quite a good feeling. You don’t want your mother driving you back to the hotel as she dodges unsuspecting pedestrians because of the tears streaming down her face. Or your father looking disapprovingly through the rear view mirror at you as you show your affection for one another. Your first drive together should be within a vehicle with a charming yet reserved driver who’ll give you as much attention as you want.

Whether you’re driving in a wedding car in Dorset or a wedding car in Bagdad you’ll want a wedding car that offers a bit of difference from the norm. Hiring a car for your wedding needs to be well thought out, as that car you’re driving off in as a married couple needs to be something that personifies that special day.

John Jackson wrote this article about how wedding cars are an important addition to the wedding day.

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