The Classic Feel: The Limo to Lead All Limos

If the wedding bells are not far away and you’re wondering how you’re going to make sure you arrive in style, your choice may be influenced by the current trends or your own personal preference.  Whatever it comes down to a limousine is a great choice to make that perfect entrance on your special day.  Which limo, though, is a different question.

One of the most popular choices of years gone by has been the stretch limo.  Generally a popular saloon car “stretched” by the renting company, this affords you the space to stretch out in style and enjoy a glass of bubbly as you arrive.  While usually the car of choice when arriving to the red carpet, it’s not unknown of as a wedding car.  Of course, the white version, that is.

Nowadays, you can even get stretch Hummers or other such cars, which give a completely different feel, although perhaps not the right one for a wedding.  Instead, you can get a stretched version of classic, and sometimes comedy, cars such as Trabants, Ladas and Reliant Robins.  These will definitely give you something to be remembered by, but it’s probably not the right feeling again, although for some it may be.


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Otherwise, one of the most popular recent choices is with a classic car.  Getting an old Rolls Royce or Bentley is a great choice: their classic style and sophistication will lend a great air of refinement to your special day.  With their real wood interiors and classic look, you will definitely be arriving in style.  You even have the possibility to travel even further back in time and go for an early Daimler or even a really old Beauford, with its classic outside spare wheel.

If you’re feeling adventurous, while not strictly a limo, you could go even further back in time and arrive in a horse drawn carriage.  These carriages can be extremely ornate and classical and will get you to the church in Victorian age splendour.  It’ll be remembered for sure and you’ll look back on those pictures with fond memories.

Whatever your Decision – Choose Style and Class

Whichever choice you make, you can fulfil the dreams of both of you.  Have the groom picked up in a classic sports car, such as an Aston Martin DB5, while the bride can be picked up in a 1960’s Rolls Royce Phantom.  This way you’ll both arrive in your own, stylish limos to be remembered for your classic elegance.

Classic limos are a perfect accompaniment to a special day.  You can make your perfect entrance in splendour and gain yourself a cherished memory, so why not take the plunge: you know you really want to anyway.

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