The Benefits Of Buying A Used Car

Being able to buy a brand new car is without doubt an exciting prospect but very much a luxury in the present financial climate. Buying a used car, however can present you with a lot of car for a lot less outlay.

You can often pick up the exact same model of used car for 50-60% of the new car price, if it is three or four year old. The financial aspect is an obvious reason why you would buy a used car, alongside some other factors.

Quality guarantee

The primary concern when looking for a used car in the past was the fear of being lumbered with an insurance write-off or stolen vehicle. You will however be assured of the standard of the car if you look into a few things before buying. You should make sure that the person selling the car is authorised if they are a dealer or that they have a guarantee of their selling history. You can pay for a Car Data Check which will show up any outstanding finance on the car and also any mileage discrepancies.


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Overall cost

It is pretty much guaranteed that the first aspect on the agenda when you consider buying a second-hand motor is how much you will be able to save in comparison with a brand new one. The initial cost is of course considerably lower but you will also make a saving on your insurance which is always extremely welcome. In addition to this, it is suggested on so many occasions that a car starts to fall in value as soon as it leaves the showroom so this is something that the first owner of the vehicle in question will have had to go through.

Money available for added touches

The saving made on the car allows for a lot more possibilities and one of these benefits is that it enables you to add a few extra accessories and minor refurbishments or upgrades you may wish to make to the car. Maybe you want to buy that new CD player or some new alloys, whatever it may be to give your car a fresh edge.

The great feeling of buying a car that is brand new is pretty much replicated when you find that second-hand car that fits all (or even just some) of your practical and style-based needs. In addition to the financial benefits of purchasing a used car there is also the possibility in some cases of acquiring the vehicle for even less than its sale price, depending on your negotiation skills. There are pros to buying straight from the showroom, and there are pros to choosing the used-car option, with a used car though be on your guard for any drawbacks of the one you are buying, if you do this you can find so many great cars out there.

Article written by Richard Barker. are leaders in the new and used car industry in Dublin as well as being the quickest-growing dealership group in Ireland.

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