Steeda Functional Rear Wing: For Your 2010-Present Mustang

The current generation of the Ford Mustang has undergone a minor update in 2010. Now resembling more the 1969-era Mustangs, it is now more aerodynamically efficient compared to the previous Mustang. However, even though this new retro-modern iteration of the popular pony car is just relatively new, that didn’t stop most aftermarket parts makers to already craft some components for the redesigned Mustang. Of course, Steeda is one of the first to release parts compatible for the ponies made from 2010 and beyond. What projects to be one of the most popular parts once again is the Steeda functional rear wing.

The Steeda functional rear wing is one of the best tuning parts you can buy for your 2010-present Mustang model. Of course, one of the biggest reasons why you’ll buy it is because of the aesthetics. Rear wings is one of those parts that scream fast, and because of that it’s always going to be on demand. The Steeda functional rear wing is going to provide exactly that. Made at just the right proportions, it is a perfect fit to the lines of your car. Regardless if you’re moving at high speed or at a standstill, your car is going to look good with this one.

But beyond that, remember that this product is not called the Steeda functional rear wing for nothing. Compared to other rear wings, this product is actually a functional one. To make the long story short, this wing would actually help the performance of your car. It’s going to increase your downforce while reducing drag, enhancing both handling and stability, especially during high speeds. What’s more, it can even improve your fuel efficiency quite a bit. Installing this product is not just going to help you look fast, but it would also make you go fast as well.

Speaking of the word install, setting up and installing the Steeda functional rear wing is such a breeze. Sure, the wing does come unpainted, but painting this wing promises to be easy. Not only that, but installing this wing is quite easy too. Just an hour or so of your time, and some handy tools is all you need to fix your wing into place. If you already have a stock wing or spoiler, you’ll just have to mount your spoiler using the mounting holes placed by the factory. However, if your car doesn’t come with wings, drilling mounting holes would be necessary to commence installation.

To maximize the looks and effectiveness of your Steeda functional rear wing, we recommend these other Steeda products. To make your wing stand out, you can install Steeda winglets in it. Another recommended install is a Steeda front aero splitter or front fascia. This would provide front downforce that would complement the produced downforce by the rear wing nicely.

Installing the Steeda functional rear wing in your 2010-present Ford Mustang would be like hitting 2 birds in one stone. Not only would your car look radical and sporty, but it would also increase your car’s aerodynamic performance.

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