Sell More Cars: Develop Long-Lasting Relationships With Your Customers

The business of selling cars can be difficult to manage if you are not sure how to keep a steady flow of auto leads and customers walking onto your lot. One thing that many dealership employees fail to realize is that whenever you have a new customer, there is an opportunity to gain a life-long friend, as many would prefer to keep working with the same salesperson and dealership if they have a good experience. By making your customers feel at home and treating them right, you can have them coming back to you each time they want to buy a new car.

Get the Families

One way you can translate a single sale into years of car purchasing is selling to a family. Not only will you then have the parents returning again and again, you have their children as potential customers when they are older. If you can build that lasting, trusting relationship with the parents, when it comes to their child’s first car, they wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

How to Develop That Relationship

It is not as simple as you may think. Simply getting a customer into a car does not mean they will then become life-long clients. You really need to make the car buying experience special and hassle-free for them. Be patient and understanding and always be willing to work with a customer to overcome any issues that may come up in the process. Another way to make their experience special is to do things for them, even if it wouldn’t be a hassle for them to do it themselves. For example, before they leave the lot in their new vehicle, schedule their first oil change for them with a tentative date and vow to contact them when it is getting close to see if that date will still work. Yes, they could easily call the dealership themselves when they hit 5,000 miles, but it is the little things that will speak volumes in a customer’s mind.


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Keep in Touch

Do not end the conversation once they have purchased their car, keep in touch with them. A week or so after they have bought their new car give them a call to see if they have noticed any issues and to make sure they are enjoying it. If they do have any concerns immediately offer to schedule an appointment for them.

The added consideration you give to customers will lead to even more auto leads as not only will they return for their next car, they will encourage friends and family members to come to you as well.

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