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While the two wheeled vehicle world has long been dominated by motorcycles, scooters have always been around just nipping at the heels of their bigger and more powerful cousins. Capable vehicles in their own right, they were a ton of fun to ride and zip around in but lacked the capability and power of motorcycles. The SUZUKI BURGMAN 400 has set out to change that problem completely.

The SUZUKI BURGMAN 400 flips the standard conception of a scooter on its head – and delivers a stunning vehicle that is more than capable

A real looker the first moment your eyes set upon it, the SUZUKI BURGMAN 400 doesn’t even look like the scooters you’ve known from your past. There is something more modern, more menacing, more proud in the lines and the way this scooter sits – something that belies a power plant pushing 400cc, knocking on the door of entry level street bikes.  This is a huge step in the scooter world, including a motor this big – most of the offerings up till now have been 50cc whiners that would get you around town comfortably enough but would be sorely lacking for any trips outside the city limits.

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Not so with the SUZUKI BURGMAN 400 – this is a two wheeled vehicle that is a perfect blend of the scooters of old and the motorcycles of tomorrow. You get the kind of fuel efficiency and control you would expect with a scooter but the range and some of the power you would enjoy from a street bike, something that hasn’t been pulled off this well in decades.

But it’s not just about the available power and capability when you’re talking about the SUZUKI BURGMAN 400 – you’re also getting a true hybrid experience in the size and control of the vehicle. One of the biggest problems of the smaller scooters is that they were designed for riders that were on the smaller side of things. Anyone over the size of say 5’10” was really asking for trouble not only from a point of comfort but also with a lack of control – the scooter just wasn’t designed for those riders in mind. But when you have a bigger motor, so much more is possible – the SUZUKI BURGMAN 400  has been designed to give larger riders as much of a smooth ride and complete control as anyone else, and has help this model in particular lead a charge into new markets.

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