Top 10 Ways to Avoid Motorbike Accidents

The sure fire way of not being injured in a motorcycle accident is not getting on your motorbike at all and just admiring it in the driveway – but the speed and sense of freedom in biking is what makes the experience so exhilarating and addictive.

Older riders are now taking to the saddle – many of whom may have retired and want to get some serious fun back in their lives after a lifetime sitting behind a desk. .

Older drivers are usually more careful, but the discipline of biking – and the unpredictability of road conditions and other road users – can mean that even the most skilled and conscientious biker can come a cropper unexpectedly and through no fault of their own.


Here are 10 top tips to help bikers avoid a motorbike accident:

    1. If you are a new rider, get to know your machine and practice on disused waste ground or country roads, where you can learn to manoeuvre your bike and get used to traffic conditions gradually.
    2. Work on your emergency stop to reduce risk of skidding or being flung off the bike.
    3. Be aware of road conditions – and respect the road: if you are riding on a busy road, the chance of an oil spill increases – and in wet weather overtaking or cornering can be a whole new experience, especially if other road users are all over the place, too.
    4. Leave space between you and the vehicle in front – two to three seconds at least and more in poor weather conditions.
    5. Keep an eye on your speedometer – bikes have a way of running away with you, but unless you really are tanking along an empty freeway in Arizona, watch your speed.
    6. Slow down if possible when passing junctions – especially major intersections – even if you have right of way. Bikes move fast but you are always going to be at risk from the slack-footed driver who forgets to break at junctions – or who just doesn’t see you on the road and pulls out, so don’t assume your bike will get you out of trouble.
    7. Keep your machine in tiptop condition – service it regularly and never leave maintenance issues for any length of time, as they can kick in just when you least expect it.
    8. Think twice about riding your motorbike in poor weather conditions, such as high winds, storms, heavy rain and ice and snow. Churning up grit on the roads can not only damage your machine, but for motorbikes grit can cause an unstable road surface, as can wet leaves.
    9. Buy the best equipment you can for biking – wear waterproof clothing in winter and the best helmet you can afford, which must fit properly and preferably have an anti-mist visor.

Fiddling about with ill-fitting equipment or feeling uncomfortable on your bike will distract you from the road ahead – and riding your motorbike in jeans and T-shirt may look cool, but if you have a motorbike accident the chances of serious injury are increased without protecting clothing.

  • Keep to the Highway Code and do not ride your motorbike if you have been drinking or have taken medication or drugs – in any collision it is usually the motorcyclist who ends up worse off, so keep yourself safe.


The Motorcycle Action group offers advice to motorcyclists – but if you are injured in a road traffic accident which was not your fault, you can claim for compensation within three years of your motorbike accident.

A motorbike accident compensation personal injury can have devastating effects that can change the way you live for the rest of your life.

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