Sissy Bar Bags – Recommended Luggage Bags For Aspiring Fencers

Equally popular amongst males and females, fencing is a sport that requires finesse, flexibility, focus and grace! The elegant and seemingly effortless movements of a fencer demand tactful analysis, a great degree of preparation and flawless execution. However, despite the thrilling and vibrant nature of this sport, a fencer needs to take certain precautionary measures so as to ensure that the sensitive regions of his body such as the face, ears, cheeks and palms do not get bruised or scarred during the fencing endeavor.

Aspiring fencers, who are unable to afford a car, find it extremely convenient to travel by means of a bike that provides good mileage. However, similar to professional fencers, these ambitious fencers also need to opt for durable fencing gear to protect their vital organs from long-lasting damage. Manufactured from heavy-duty Cardura, sissy bar bags are ideal for such fencers on account of their spaciousness, reinforced stitching and other essential features. Discussed below are some of the features of sissy bar luggage bagsthat make them the ideal luggage carriers for fencers who are in their initial stage of training.

1)      High Quality Stitching

Bags that are poorly stitched often display a sagging appearance if they are jam-packed with basic fencing gear such as a fencing jacket, chaps and fencing shoes. Fortunately, the high quality stitching of motorcycle sissy bar bags makes them ideal for safekeeping of fencing suit along with expertly constructed fencing shoes that have heel cushioning for providing optimal ankle support. The weatherproof exterior of these bags will prevent your fencing apparel from getting drenched in case the weather gets unexpectedly rainy!

2)      Detachable Full Size Roll Bag

The extra-largemotorcycle sissy bags are fitted with detachable roll bags on the top. Each of these roll bags has sufficient capacity to accommodate fencing apparel items that require quick access such as knee-length fencing socks, washable sabre gloves and an epee mask.

While purchasing fencing gear always make sure that you opt for sabre gloves that fit you comfortably and that have interior padding for extra protection. Likewise, it would be a good idea to opt for a versatile epee mask that has a perforated surface and features a removable inside lining. Moreover, several fencing gear accessories such as nylon underarm protectors or a plastic chest guard can also be comfortably adjusted in your detachable roll bag.

3)      Backpack Straps

Fencers, who have no choice but to cover the elaborate distance between their parking space and their training centers on foot, will derive immense benefits from the backpack straps attached at the back of their sissy bar bag. These backpack straps will enable them to easily fling the bag on their shoulders whilst walking towards their designated training center.

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