Features of Harley Bags That will Facilitate Street Vendors

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5) Why is it safe to use Harley motorcycle bags?

Regarded as an essential charm of urban existence, street vendors or hawkers are renowned for selling food products and other items of everyday use at an easily affordable rate. Lower middle class individuals and families flock towards these vendors’ stalls to buy items and household products that are required by them and their family members. These stalls are usually set up in densely populated neighborhoods thereby affording easy access to individuals who have to consistently struggle with finances.

It is noteworthy that a street vendor needs an ample sized luggage compartment to store all of his/her selling items. Those vendors who live at a certain distance from their designated spot often travel by means of a bus or a bike. Regardless of their mode of travel, they need to carry a large-sized luggage bag with them- one that would enable them to easily accommodate all of their selling items. Renowned for their durability, sturdiness and convenient mounting options, Harley bags will serve as the most appropriate luggage bags for such street vendors. The following discussion will serve to further elaborate on this premise.

1)      Plastic Reinforced Lid and Body

Built to last, Harley saddlebags have plastic reinforced lid and body. This high quality plastic along with the interior metal frame makes these bags ideal for storage of items that need to be handled with care- such as picture frames manufactured from glass, small crystal vases and sunglasses etc.

The scratch-resistant fiber glass plastic will protect these fragile accessories from getting scratched or broken in the occurrence of an unforeseen, high impact collision.

2)      Built-In Locking Mechanism

Robbery or theft of expensive merchandise is every shopkeeper’s worst nightmare. Vendors likewise cannot afford to have their goods stolen. The tried and tested built-in locking mechanism of Harley motorcycle bags will offer substantial protection to wallets, bags, hats, T-shirts, fancy belts, pants and other items sold by vendors.

3)      Completely Weather-Resistant

Popcorn, peanuts, cotton candy and food beverages are some of the most sought-after items that are sold by hawkers. These food products need to be kept at a certain temperature in order to ensure that they retain their original flavor and freshness. Moreover, even if the packaged food items- such as popcorn, peanuts and cotton candy- are exposed to a minimum degree of dampness, they can lose their customer appeal.

In order to prevent a marked decrease in the sale of these food products, vendors should opt for weather-resistant Harley Davidson bags. The exterior of these bags is completely weather-resistant thereby ensuring that the food products placed in the bag’s interior remain in a presentable condition.

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