Cars Always Have Cool Seat Covers- Now Motorcycles Can Too!

Cars shouldn’t have all the fun with cool seat covers.

Why shouldn’t motorcycles have just as much fun? Now you can find motorcycle covers you love that have great traction for racing as well. Seat covers not only look good, they protect your motorcycle and give you better traction.

The MSR Seat Cover is offered for Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha and KHM models. This cover stretches to perfectly fit your bike seat. Durable and UV resistant, it has a quality fit with an exclusive stretch fabric. A diamond grip pattern brings you amazing traction and control.

StompGrip Seat Covers with molded panels are offered for Hondas, KTM, Suzuki and all general models. StompGrip Seat Covers come with molded sewn-in traction panels. These traction panels have been proven to give the best traction possible for control during jumping, when standing and during turns in competitions. This is the most durable cover available to those with knee braces.

The Throttle Jockey Team Honda Gripper Seat Cover is the ripple version seat cover with double-stitched seams. This provides added strength, control and durability.

The FLU Designs Team Issued Pleated Grip Seat Cover offers maximum traction with a ribbed grip. This helps you stay put in the seat without worry. The pleated design is great for when you are hard on your throttle or in a difficult jump. There is also grip material on the side panels of the seat when you are standing and gripping with your knees. These are offered for most current 250 and 450 4-stroke bikes.

Technogrip Seat Covers are offered for KTM, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki models. These motorcycle covers have embossed logos for added traction. These covers are resistant to water.

The Factory Effex Gripper Seat Cover is your classic black seat with great traction and control. This cover is made from with the same control technology as the SuperGrip cover.

The Factory Effex FP1 Seat Cover is like the Gripper seat with color. It has a ribbed top for extra traction with a reinforced area just for your knees for added control. When standing and doing tricks, your knees remain protected and comfortable.

The Factory Effex TC4 Seat Cover has Dura-Grip material with embossed ribbed seats for traction. It includes “The Bump,” with softcell foam technology in the seat and 3-M adhesive for easy adhesion. Raised logos and interlock stitching give this seat cover maximum durability. Rear panels are color-matched for an added feature. This cover can be used on any seat, and is specially designed for 4-strokes.

The N-Style Factory Issue Gripper Seat has 3 multi-color panels for grip. PVC rubber logos are an added touch.

Try any of these motorcycle covers and experience a new dynamic in riding!

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