6 Essential Items Of Protective Clothing For Motorcyclists

Protective clothing for motorcyclists is become increasingly high-tech as researchers and the government try to reduce the number of motorcyclists killed or maimed in road traffic accidents.

The thrill of a riding a motorbike is generated by the sense of freedom and speed of the machine – but not wearing body armour while riding a motorbike is a high-risk strategy which may cost you a limb or even your life if you have a crash.

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Other road users often appear to fail to see motorcyclists – maybe it is the speed of the machine which makes it hard for other drivers to track with the eye, or perhaps just the fact that other road users think a biker will be able to get out of their way.

Road injuries can be grave if a biker is dragged along a road, slides under the bike or is hit directly from the side as another vehicle pulls out of a junction. Without body armour, the sort of injuries motorcyclists face include fractures, burns, head injuries, crush injuries, grazing, lacerations and amputations.

Protect yourself with the 6 top items of protective clothing for motorcyclists:

  1. Safety helmet – make sure it fits properly, won’t budge easily and has an anti-mist visor. Cheap helmets have been found to offer less protection and never buy a secondhand helmet as it might have already taken an impact which will potentially lessen its protection capabilities. Choose a full face helmet preferably, which offers more protection in a motorbike crash and keeps dust out of eyes – and look for one with the BSI kitemark and an ACU sticker.
  2. Padded suits can protect knees and elbows, which can be shattered in an impact and are often hard to repair surgically, leading to mobility impairment to the joint
  3. Gore-Tex suits are lightweight and offer protection in poor weather conditions – being cold and soaked to the skin on your motorbike can affect performance and response times. The wind chill factor is extremely serous for bikers, who may develop hypothermia in cold weather if not properly dressed
  4. Leathers are the traditional bikers’ armour but often need to be worn in to be really comfortable – and can also be hot. However in a motorbike crash, leather is a toughie and can offer good protection from injury, especially if a motorcyclist is dragged along the ground
  5. Gloves should be leather and padded to protect hands from a head-on motorbike crash, or if the biker is flung to the ground and breaks their falls using their hands – make sure the gloves are secure round the wrist to help prevent wrist fractures
  6. Motorcycle boots are heavy kit for a reason and not just because they look cool – feet are often the first line of defence in a motorbike crash, as the instinct is to put a foot on the ground to steady the bike. Look for a meaty pair of motorcycle boots which are waterproof and fit well – leather uppers and a Gore-Tex inner can give you protection and comfort.

If you are properly kitted out and wear your motorcycle gear whenever you ride, you increase your chances of surviving a motorbike accident and lessen the chances of serious injury. More motorcyclists are being injured and killed, however, so if you are injured in a motorcycle accident which was not your fault, consider making a claim for compensation.

Making a motorbike accident claim can give you some financial support after time off work or expenses from travelling to and from docsotrs or hospitals.

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