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Cars have tell-tale-signs that give away their age and how they were cared for in the past. A sharp eye can tell if any of a car’s previous owners were conscious of the upkeep or if they treated their car like a disposable tool. A car with leather seats will have a severely worn driver’s seat and in some cases, more areas show high mileage that may not always be apparent on the milometer. The obvious places are the gear-stick cover and the steering wheel. The steering wheel will become shiny instead of having grip and the gear-stick cover will be cracked and even flaking.


Getting the Best Price for your Car

You can sell your car for a much better price by doing a few simple things that makes the next owner believes they are buying quality. This is nothing untoward, but simple care to protect the leather and improve the interior. If you live somewhere particularly sunny, your leather will dry and crack. An occasional leather polish will help with this and it will protect the leather from scratches cause by studs in clothing and other hard objects.

You can also use sunshades for your windows to keep the direct sunlight off your interior, but the best way to protect car seats is to use a car seat cover. If you are going to use car seat covers, make sure you remove them before your car is viewed because people may mistakenly believe they are covering a problem.

Your gear-stick cover can be replaced at little cost and this instantly gives the car a new feel instead of instantly reminding the buyer they are buying an old car. These are easily fit and require no technical skill whatsoever. Replacing the car mats is the next thing to do because they can give the car the ‘new car smell’ everyone likes to experience.

The Main Attraction

Some people make their mind up in the first few seconds of seeing your car. They hardly ever buy on first sight, but they often decide not to buy. Make sure your car is polished and if it needs it, T-cut the paintwork before you advertise it for sale. If you have alloy wheels, make sure they are clean and not covered in brake dust because the wheels can complete the image of the car. Presentation is all buyers can judge your car on because they have no way of knowing if your car is running well on a day-to-day basis. Top up the oil if you have left it cooking for a while because this is something a savvy buyer will check.

Remember, not all polishes and car covers are the same, so spending a little more will improve the feeling of luxury and it is worth the investment in the long-term. Find good car covers at

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