Indispensable for Auto Emergencies & Collisions Vehicle First-Aid Kits

Its a fact of life that while driving or tooling around one way or another an emergency or mishap will occur in or nearby your automobile .  While car racetracks, auto dealerships, big box automotive stores and even airplanes and retail establishments all maintain a stocked first aid kit virtually no truck or car owners or drivers do.  Smokey the Bear says to be prepared and so should you .

Keep a Vehicle First Aid Kit Handy in the Trunk of Under the Driver’s Seat:

Keep a first-aid kit under the front seat or in the trunk of your Sports Utility Vehicle , pickup truck or car.   An approved first -aid kit from your drugstore or safety organization will do none the less although , although do it yourself types can simply make their own – or you can even purchase online. If you can buy cars on-line on the internet why not a first aid kit or kits ?

First-aid Kit

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Comprehensive Listing of the Contents Of a Fully Stocked  Vehicle First Aid Kit:

Check your first-aid kit and add any of these things that are not included in it or missing :  first aid -booklet or manual , sterile gauze pads, roll of bandage cloth,small pair of scissors, burn ointment, merthiolate , sterile cotton ,cotton-tipped swabs, adhesive bandages , adhesive tape , ammonia inhalants , package of sewing needles ( useful for removing wood or metal splinters), in certain areas of the country a snake-bite kit and syrup of ipecac ( one ounce to induce vomiting in certain kinds of poisoning) .  Syrup of ipecac is a fairly standard item which is available at your druggist or local pharmacy in most cases and locales without a prescription.

Your Car or Truck’s First Aid Kit Is Indispensable  & No Need Will Be of Vital Help One Driving Day:

A commercial first aid kit may of may not include all of the above items.  While the items above may seem a bit all encompassing and indeed a bit of overkill for standard automobile car kits – you can never be too or overly prepared when it comes to roadside and driving emergencies.  There is no need to dwell or emphasize the importance and potential great value of a first aid kit or kits in your vehicle. They can prove to be a life saver indeed and not only a matter of convenience.  The point is that in an emergency or emergencies that you will be fully prepared and have these items right on hand on the spot.  Families who drive to the beach in Manitoba or to the woods for camping , picnicking , hunting fishing and hiking will at some point have great use for this kit and sure be glad it was on hand.  Accidents occur every day on the road. No doubt practically every driver and auto owner at some point or another in time will be involved in an accident or collision or alternatively find themselves unavoidably late one night to chance on the scene of an accident or motor vehicle collision.  You can bet on that 100 %.

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McGillivray is a “car & truck guy”  from way back – even before he got his first Province of Mantioba driver’s licence way back in the 1970’s.  Still you can spot McGillivray’s distinctive voice speaking with authority expounding his views on car & truck models and the automotive industry at any of the Canadian donut shops around the Waverley Auto Mall. You may agree or disagree but then everyone is entitled to their experience and views when it comes to personal choice on vehicle preferences and purchases

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