How To Sell Your Car – Tips On Doing It Right And Getting The Best Price

The used car market is bigger than ever. With people shunning the part exchange deals offered by dealerships in order to get a better price elsewhere just how do you ensure you have a stress free sale? This blog offers tips and advice to car sellers.

When selling your car is it vital that you ensure it is in the best possible condition in order to get the best price.View Post

Pre-sale jobs

o    Make sure it is clean both inside and out and clear out any rubbish. A good wax can make the most tired paint jobs look sleek.
o    A professional valet will really make all the difference if you don’t have the time or inclination to do it yourself.
o    A recent MOT will also be a great help in assuring potential buyers that they are buying a well maintained car.
o    Be accurate in your description, you could find yourself breaking the law if the car has a serious defect that you have failed to disclose.
o    Repair any simple faults both cosmetic and mechanical.

Putting your car on the market

Now that your car is market ready there are a few things you can do to ensure a speedy sale.
o    Pricing – be realistic. It may be your pride and joy but if you want to sell it quickly check out the market and compare the prices of similar cars. There are plenty of online car sales sites that will enable you to benchmark your price.
o    Finance – if you have any outstanding finance or hire purchase linked to the car then you must have the finance company’s permission to sell. If you do not have their permission you should be sure to settle your account first.
o    Adverts – keep it short and sweet as you may be paying by the word.  Keep to the basic facts that buyers will be interested in.

Selling Cars

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Statements such as ‘the first to see will snap it up’ really won’t have any impact on buyers. Include facts such as the year of registration, the date it’s MOT needs renewing, when the tax is due, body work, mileage and your location, and not forgetting price and your contact details.

o    If you are selling your car for parts or it needs a lot of work doing to it, mention this in your ad and also quote it on any receipts you may issue to the buyer.
o    Paperwork – be sure to have your MOT and servicing history to show to potential buyers.  If you have made any recent repairs also include the receipt for the work carried out.  Be sure to hand all of these documents over to the new owner.
o    Insurance – make sure that potential buyers are insured to drive your car before they take it on a test drive.  Your own policy may cover you for this.  Never let them test drive unaccompanied – always go along for the ride.  If you are swapping seats at any point during the test drive make sure you always have possession of the keys when you are not in the car.

Confirming the sale

Once you have agreed on a price and you have received full payment it is time to hand over the keys and all relevant paperwork.  If you are being paid by cheque wait until it clears before handing over the car.  The last job you now have is to inform the DVLA.  Follow the instructions in your log book to let them know of the new registered keeper. This ensures that the national computer is updated and you don’t find yourself faced with any future driving offences of the new driver.

This guest post was written by Jake Wise – for – who owns a car dealership and who enjoys sharing his knowledge in how to sell your car.

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