How To Evaluate Rebuilt Engines For Your Muscle Car

Muscle CarMuscle cars are high-performance, groovy machines that are coveted by their owners. Once upon a time muscle cars had that rock-n-roll, sexy feel to them. However, the muscle cars of today do not sport the same “Groovy 60s and 70s” look and feel, and many car owners with older cars buy rebuilt engines because they just don’t want to give up on their good old “muscles.” It’s their way of life.

If you own a muscle car and want to buy a remanufactured engine, then you have made the right choice. That’s because such engines can breathe new horsepower into your car at an affordable price. Here’s how you must choose an overhauled engine:

What’s Your Car Type?

What type of a muscle car do you own? Engine sizes can differ and so can the way the way the engine connects. Therefore you must first understand what type of engine will go inside your muscle car before making a decision. For example, a V-6 Ford Mustang cannot swallow a V-10 because that a V-10 is a monster. However, if you want to take on a massive engine, then you have to customize a heck lot of stuff under the hood and that can cost. It’s best to buy a rebuilt engine that your car can take on.

What Are Your Plans?

What do you want your car to do in the future? You want to get into drag racing? Do you want some NOS or a supercharger? Do you want it to be pure engine? These factors will impact your choice of engine. The new horsepower may require changes at various levels like the tire size, transmission, fuel system, etc. Make your plans first, check how much horsepower your car can take and then decide on the rebuilt engine.

What About Displacement?

They say that there is no replacement for displacement, and how right they are! Increased displacement enhances power. Therefore, you must decide how fast you want to rip your muscle car in the future. That’s why experts keep saying that it is very important to make plans before choosing a remanufactured engine.


How much can you afford to pay? Before writing a figure, factor in installation costs as well. Do you know that it can cost up to $2,000 to have the old engine removed and the new one installed? Installations cost depend on engine complexity and labor involved – and therefore, you must budget in every penny before making a decision.

This is how you must choose a rebuilt engine for your muscle car.

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Christian K. Payne is a blogger and automotive hobbyist who likes rebuilt engines for restoring classic cars.

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