How to Choose a Car Service/Limousine Company

There are many reasons for hiring a car service or limousine company; perhaps you would like to have a town car pick up an important business client from the airport, or you would like daily transportation around town. Regardless of why you are planning on hiring a luxury car and driver, the key to hiring a good car service is to ask questions.

You can begin your search for a company which rents out sedans, limousines, and executive transportation right online. Use a search term that includes your city or area so that your results only consist of companies located near you. For instance if you are in Dallas, use a term such as ‘Dallas car service’, “Dallas limousine service”, or something similar.

Your next task involves reading through some of the websites you get in your search results. Pay particular attention to ‘About Us’ pages as it is there you can find out:

  • How long the companies have been in business
  • What types of cars they use
  • What level of service is offered

Your goal should be to come up with a short list of companies to contact.

After Finding Companies to Contact, the Real Research Begins

Once you have a few car services chosen, contact each and ask for references. When you are given references, take the time to call them. Ask past customers what they thought about the automobiles, drivers, and services offered. Of course you will want to ask each car service company about cost.

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How do Car Service and Limo Companies Charge for Services?

As you know, when you book a flight you do not have to pay extra for aviation fuel, but when you rent a car service or limousine you do have to pay for the gas used. That is why, when you call to reserve transportation, you will be asked exactly where you will be starting from and going to. The company will then estimate the time required to get to the destination and approximate miles and include the gasoline cost into its quote price. You also can expect to have to pay for parking and road toll fees. You might have to figure in a tip for your driver if you want to.

Most car service companies charge by the hour. The amount you pay per hour is typically determined by what vehicle make and model you choose.

What about Insurance?

Under law, car service companies and limo services must have insurance for both their vehicles and occupants. There are some companies out there that do not always carry insurance so ask for proof. While most car service and executive transportation companies do not require full payment in advance, the majority do require that you put down a deposit anywhere from 20 to 50 percent of the total rental fee.

By following this advice you should succeed at choosing a reputable car service or limousine company. A great company with a rock solid reputation will provide you with:

  • The type of car you would like
  • The level of service you require
  • A price you can afford to pay

E3 Worldwide Transportation is a car service in Dallas.  The company believes in offering quality transportation for clients throughout the Dallas – DFW area.

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