Dreamy Luxurious RVs

When you travel, why not travel in luxury? That’s what people do when the hire or purchase the most luxurious campervans in the world. The features and fixtures of these rolling hotels rival the finest site-bound, brick and mortar buildings, with marble, granite, and exotic woods available.


When you hire or purchase a luxury motorhome or campervan, you can usually expect a gourmet kitchen. Yes, that means you’ll find granite or marble countertops, and scrollwork on the cabinets. You can also expect a dishwasher – something you don’t often find in these limited spaces. Pewter or bronze plumbing fixtures are common, along with a food disposal. The refrigerator in the luxury kitchens are nothing to be ashamed of, either. You can find the same conveniences, with water and ice in the door and a separate freezer.


The bathrooms in luxury campervans have all the comforts of home. First of all, the finishes can be out-of-this-world. Gold-plated fixtures, Carrera marble, and silk wallpaper are common in these baths. Or, if you so choose, you can have hand-made mosaics for the backsplash behind the cloisonné sink.

Speaking of the sink, how about 2 sinks? Yes you can have 2 sinks in the bathroom. In fact, you can have 2 bathrooms if you want – a “his” and “hers”. Perhaps you prefer an airflow tub. You can have a full-sized Jacuzzi® in your luxurious campervan. Maybe you’d rather have a steam shower. That is also possible.

Sleeping Arrangements

Forget the pull-out bed/bench combination with a 4 inch thick foam pad. Try a California King, in any shape you want. A luxury motorhome can be ordered to sleep as many people as you want in comfort.

Living Space

You don’t have to give up your entertainment center at home. With the popularity of the home theater these days, you can’t expect luxurious campervans to leave out that crucial point. You can have your motorhome built to give you a dropdown screen and quality projection, and plenty of seating.

Speaking of seating, you can select leather upholstery so soft you’ll never want to go home. Most luxury motorhomes have slide-outs, so the living and sleeping spaces have plenty of room.

Flooring in the living space can also be anything you want. Do you like zebrawood? Perhaps Brazilian redwood? It’s possible with your luxury motorhome. Or maybe you would like travertine, with an inlaid mosaic “rug”.


Of course, when a campervan has the fine fixtures and finishes mentioned here, it will be quite large and heavy. But, not to worry! The 600 horse power diesel engine will take you easily down any road you wish to travel. In addition, most of these campervans are constructed with adjustable ride, too. This means that if the roads are rough, the driver, with a push of a button, can soften the ride for the passenger’s comfort.

So, go ahead, check into hiring or purchasing one of the most luxurious campervans in the world. You’ll have the most comfortable vacation you’ve ever taken.

Steve Holt is a huge fan of vans, trucks and RV’s. He currently lives in the UK and works for a vw transporter t5 renovation company in Minehead.

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