Don’t Clutch at Straws: Your Car Can Run Cheaper

If you are one of the many, many people who have found themselves in a far worse situation now than they were just a couple of years ago, then it may be likely that your car is sitting dormant on your drive, doing nothing as you don’t think you can afford to run it.  It’s a bit of a waste, isn’t it?  There are ways, however, that you can put it to use not only for yourself but to make money from too.  If you can get that car in a good condition, then you can make back it’s running costs each week.  First, though, you need to get it running.  It’s best therefore, to get on the lookout for those brake pads, headlights and cheap clutch kits to spruce that car up ready for use again.

Rolling Adverts

One of the great ways you can make money from your car is with adverts.  By plastering adverts over the sides, bonnet and roof of your car, you can rake in a small amount of money each week from companies wanting their wares to be seen.  This does mean that you have to drive it, though: some companies even insist on a black box that records how many miles you drive a week and only pays out if you meet a certain criteria.  So, you need to get that car running and quickly.  Get online and sort yourself out with all the parts you need, from brake disks to clutch kits for cheap: there’s plenty of choice and you’ll be back on the road and covering your costs in no time.


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If this isn’t quite enough, then there is another step you can take.  The financial crisis hasn’t negatively affected every business and there have been a spate of businesses popping up to take advantage of the situation.  One of these is car rental.  Instead of the usual: hire a car from somewhere like Hertz, pay top dollar, etc, you can choose the option of hiring a car from an individual.  Everyone is protected via the website and you can get really good value rentals for a day or even less.  They need cars, though, which is where you step in.  By signing up your car to be rented out you can bring in a few extra pounds a week.  When you don’t need your vehicle, someone else can use it and pay you for the privilege.  You don’t want it to break down on them, though, so make sure you give it a good going over, replacing the cheap clutch kit and worn out brake pads.

If you need to fix up your car, you needn’t rely on the opinion of your mechanic.  In all likelihood they’re suggesting that brand because they get a cut themselves.  Instead, look around and you can find quality, cheap clutch kits that will do just as good a job.

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