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The emphasis on car design in the twenty-first century is for both style and safety. Increasingly, however, safety is becoming, paradoxically, less safe. As cars are built to withstand greater and greater forces in accidents, their central body is becoming stronger and thicker. The paradox comes in that this actually diminishes visibility, and therefore may increase your chance of being in an accident. In addition to this, a decreased visibility may increase your rate of coming into contact with cyclists and pedestrians, many of whom can be obscured by oversized safety features on your car. Despite this, some car manufacturers have managed to create cars that have both visibility and safety.

SmartCar ForTwo Coupe
One of the best cars for visibility is one that you may expect. The SmartCar ForTwo Coupe is well known to have great visibility. Smart Cars are designed to be shaped like a cube, to allow you to park in either direction in small city spaces. Unsurprisingly, this car design increases your visibility when driving, and the simple proximity between the driver and the outside of the car greatly increases visibility, particularly in the rear.

Renault Grand Scenic 2012
Another car with an appropriate sense of visibility is the Renault Grand Scenic 2012. The large flat rear windshield makes reverse parking far easier, and as the car is designed for use by families, it has large side windows. However, these large windows do not compromise the safety features of the car, and the size of the headroom and space in the back are mitigated by an extremely strong car frame.

Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Golfs are known for being small, speedy and reliable. The Volkswagen Golf Plus adds an element of spaciousness to this, which greatly improves visibility. The Golf Plus is also taller than a regular Golf, meaning that there is more space to look around, and this also means that the side windows and rear windshield are larger. Combine this with a Golf’s traditional safety technology, and you get a car that has both excellent visibility and excellent reaction times in emergencies.

If you are not lucky enough to own one of these cars, then there are still ways that you can increase the visibility in your own car. Make sure that your windshield wipers are up to standard and that your windshield is clean. Get regular auto glass repair in order to fix any small cracks, which will impinge on your ability to see. But most of all, if in doubt, check again. If you suspect there is a pedestrian or a cyclist, then take it slow, signal well in advance, and keep checking.

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