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Your car, truck, mini-van or Sports Utility S.U.V vehicle most likely propels you to your destination and transports you reliably and conveniently via the wonders of an internal combustion gasoline powered motor under your hood.  We take these gas fired engines essentially for granted. True large semi-trailer trucks can be diesel fuel powered and some automobiles are either driven by newer hi-tech hybrid gasoline / battery powered fuel efficient motors or even straight battery powered plug in the ac-power socket at night to charge the battery – yet for the most part its regular good old fashioned gas fired engines with spark plugs that rule the automobile roost and road.  Yet what are the history automobile products on our roads and highways leading to acceptance in our daily lives? Imagine life without easy reliable transportation – not only to our jobs and errands, but also to bring us the products and conveniences that grace our lives.  We live in a time of the “two thousand mile salad”.  That is our fruits and vegetables – lettuce in this case, is trucked in all the way from Mexico or Southern California – both reliably ,conveniently and economically .What came, left, and was abandoned leading to our eventual predominance of automobiles  as the mainstay of our daily transportation?


Even in 2012 & Governmental MPG & Safety Regulations Each Car or Truck Has a Distinct Personality:

It can be said that the motor car of today is thoroughly international – not just an American or Canadian invention or product.  Nevertheless there is a “personality”, a flavor to almost every great product and products – especially automotive ones.  The individual characteristics of individual cars and their makers still emerge – bubbling through ,   This is even so in our times of standardization across product lines , less automobile manufacturing companies , mergers and of course limits put on by governmental agencies for reasons of gas mileage and safety.  Indeed this is the fascination many have with “cars” or “trucks”. They are “car guys “(and gals) and the same can be said about the “pickup truck “crowd.

Initially It Was Europe & not America That Auto Development & Engineering Originated:

To a good degree Europe can be said to be the high tech regions and initial industrial empires in early automotive development history – not America.  Well not yet.  Henry Ford with mass production of Ford Model T’s was not on the horizon yet.  Thus Europe is a logical starting for this presentation of the history of the automobile eventually leading to our current bevy of products.

Carl Benz & His “Three-Wheeler” Started the Rolling Out of the Automotive Industries:

Of all the great 19th century inventors, Carl Benz (read one of the founders of the current Mercedes Benz line) stands as the father of our current motor cars. His compact “three-wheeler” was both a practical, original and most innovative machine. It was made in 1885 with an official patent dates January 1986.  Yet although Germany , like Britain was relatively slow to follow up on the invention of the automobile – namely the car, it can be said that this very invention of Carl Benz himself laid the foundation and paved the way to our modern stables of cars , trucks, SUVs etc etc etc.

Fraser Langley

Langley lives for classic cars and automotive history.   Sure he says working at a BC auto dealership that it’s all about providing reliable transportation.  There are the standard reliable products that British Columbia auto buyers prefer – imports such as Toyota Corollas and the like.  Still Fraser will tell you there are no shortages of car shoppers out there who love the luxury of a premium automotive product.  On top of that he advises – Its hard to find low mileage clean Mercedes-Benz in Surrey.  Mercedes are my passion and area of specialty and expertise.  I let no good Mercedes , BMW or even Canadian made Chevrolets get past my dealership’s lot.  And there are plenty of vehicles – cars, trucks & SUVs  too that I pass up on.

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