Auto Repair Shops: What to Look for

There’s a reason getting a car is one of the most expensive investments ever; there are few vehicles that can go from the factory to the junkyard without requiring one major repair. When the time comes, you might wonder what shop can give you the best auto repairs for the problem you have and the time and financial situation you have.

For instance, one shop might be able to give you a smaller estimation on the price but you might not be able to drive your car for weeks. Another shop might promise to get your car out in a day or two but offer much more expensive parts to replace the faulty ones. When it comes to repairing your car, you might find yourself needing to compromise on one factor to get the best deal for you.

The first thing to consider when you are picking auto repair shops is what their reputation is like. Local garages are well known in their respective community, so ask local business owners and friends what they do when their own vehicles need repairs and service. Alternatively, you might check out the Better Business Bureau to learn more about the reputation of a business in your area.

When you’re visiting, seeing how many cars there are in the lot can tell you how popular a shop might be. Better shops might have more cars waiting to be picked up and have more vehicles waiting to get fixed up. Of course, this might mean that it will take a little longer to get your car fixed up properly.

There are different kinds of service you can expect from different shops. New car dealers have some top notch service since the mechanics have been trained by at least one major manufacturer, making them knowledgeable in some car models and giving them the ability to get original parts. Of course, this means that the labor and parts will be more expensive. Unless you still have a warranty or your insurance can handle the charges, you might want to skip this option if finance is your top concern.

Private garages and local chains offer the next level of service. Make sure to check for training certificates behind the counter or in the waiting area. Most private commercial shops have mechanics who are certified and enjoy working there. Since there are no affiliations with manufacturers, mechanics can use salvaged or after-market parts when necessary, and the labor might also be cheaper since it might go by the hour instead of by estimated times.

The shade tree mechanic has the cheapest kind of auto repairs as some people just like to repair cars as a hobby. If you do not need your vehicle immediately and you do not worry about the quality of amateur work, you can look down this avenue for help. There are also local colleges that offer student shops; you can donate your car to this program for either reduced or free labor charges as well.

Jamie Stack is a automotive repair technician by trade but a blogger by passion. If you are looking for a auto repair shop in Southern Ontario or Delaware Jamie recommends finding your nearest Rafih Auto Group location.

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