Apartment Living: The Annoyances Of Parking On The Street

If you have ever lived in an apartment that did not have off-street parking, you know a thing or two about parking on the street. You also know how annoying it can be. This is even more true if you happen to live in a major city or other urban area. Why is it so annoying to have to park on the street?

Your Car Is Left Unattended

There may be times when you have to park your car several hundred yards or more from your apartment. This means that your car is being left unattended for several hours at a time. You don’t know if someone is going to attempt a burglary or otherwise try to mess with your car. Even if the street has sufficient lighting, you still have to hope that nothing is missing when you return.

You May Only Be Able To Park On One Side Of The Street

Due to the streets being narrow, you may only be able to park on one side of the street. If you are on the wrong side, you could get a ticket for up to $75. During the winter, you could have your car towed or completely buried under snow if your car is in the wrong spot. Spending time having to shovel your car before work is never fun.

Walking In The Elements Can Be A Challenge

What happens if you come home during a bad thunderstorm? What if it is really cold outside? Not being able to park close to your apartment means that you have to walk in the rain and cold. No one likes to come home wet and cold after a long day at work or even a short trip to the grocery store. You pay too much money each month to have to deal with that.

Pulling Out Into Traffic Can Be A Hassle

If you live on a busy street, it may not be best to merge with traffic when you are trying to leave your parking spot. If there are no sidewalks, it can be dangerous just walking to and from your car to get something. When you are in a hurry, not having a convenient way to get to a main road can be frustrating.
Parking on the street is never fun. You may have to leave your car unattended, traffic can be tough to navigate on foot and you risk getting a ticket if you park in the wrong spot. Therefore, always do your best to find a parking space that is not on a street if at all possible.

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