A Stretchy Surprise

You know how pink stretch limos can be seen all the time nowadays, shepherding young women on their hen night, well who said it was only for the women?  We’re in credit crunch times at the moment, so those outrageous stag dos to Budapest or Amsterdam are almost a thing of the past.  Instead, perhaps it’s time to embarrass the groom to be in the best possible style: a bright pink stretch Hummer to take him to his party.  You know as well as anyone that it makes sense, but it may not fit in, so what can you do afterwards to make it up to him – before bundling him back into the pink limo to go home, that is.

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Strip Clubs are So Last Century

We all know that old tradition: get drunk, go to a strip club and get the groom a private dance.  To be perfectly honest, that’s got a bit tired nowadays: for all the excitement, it’s not the most inclusive of “sports”.  Instead, you can look at various daytime activities to pursue before the drink starts to flow.  Paintballing is one of the favourites and you can hire the whole place nowadays, so long as your group is big enough.

That way you can gang up on the groom if that’s your thing; otherwise just shoot each other full of paint until you’re all in need of a steady pint.  That’s when, potentially covered in welts from unexploded paintballs, you clamber into your bright pink stretch Hummer limo again.  See, it has a good symmetry to it.

Other than paintballing, a recent favourite seems to be clay pigeon shooting.  This activity, seen as the sport of the landed gentry, is a good start as it’s likely that no-one is going to be any good at it.  You can lose all the shells you want into the sky without bursting a single pigeon into clay shard oblivion.  If you don’t fancy shooting, then there’s always the old favourite: go-karting.  At least this way there will be a winner and a loser and unlike clay pigeon shooting, it allows you to gang up on the groom.

Once these daytime activities are over, you’re going to want to get a hearty meal down your throat before hitting the pubs and clubs, so jump back into your novelty pink limo and shoot off into the sunset to the jeers and cheers of random passer byes.

Making sure you get the right car hire company is essential.  If you’re really looking to make an impression, then a limo is the perfect opportunity to do so: just make sure you get one that’s not going to break down.

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