A Guide To Buying Tires For Your Chevy Truck

Selecting new tires can be a challenging task, not to mention an expensive one. That’s why it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into when considering new tires. There are a few key elements to understand when looking at tires for your Chevy truck – when to buy tires, how many tires, tire size and tread depth. Collectively understanding all of these key elements can help you comprehend the process better, and consulting with your Chevy service center can help ease the already overwhelming process.

When to Buy

When to buy tires may seem like an obvious part of the tire purchasing process, but it’s really more beneficial to you to understand precisely how tire design works. Tires have built-in tread wear indicators called wear bars that appear when the tire tread has worn down to 2/32″ of the remaining tread depth. Most state laws require vehicle owners replace tires when they have worn down to this depth. There are other contributing factors to consider. For example, tires that have a crack in the sidewall or tread, that have a cut or snag that is deep enough to reveal the cord fabric of the wear bars, that have developed a bulge or split, or that have any punctures – all must be replaced for best function and safety of your Chevy.

How Many to Buy

Another element to consider when buying tires is the amount of tires to buy. Unless you’ve recently purchased tires and have a puncture, bulge or split in one or two of your tires, you should consider buying a full set; this will increase your selection of tires dramatically. Simply replacing an existing set with a new set of the same size, tread depth and brand is the easiest. However, if you’re looking for a smoother ride, longer tread wear or improved handling, you should consider other brands or categories of tires best suited to the conditions you drive in most frequently.

What Type of Tread and Size to Buy

The size of tire can seem more complicated than it really is. You can consult your owner’s manual, or there is a label, usually on the inside of the driver’s door frame, that can help you find the correct size for your truck. However, if you have aftermarket rims, you should have your Chevy service center technician help you find the correct size. Consider what road conditions you’ll encounter when you’re looking at tread depth. This will determine which performance category from which you’ll need to purchase.

If you have any questions about tire selection for your Chevy truck, consult with your local Chevy service center where technicians can assist you with any part of the tire purchasing process.

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