A Chronological History of the Ford Motor Company

The Ford Company is one of the world’s leading automotive brands and they have sold millions of cars since first launching the first model all the way back in 1896.  The history of the company has been a very interesting one.  If you want to know more read the notes below which show you each major milestone from down the years stretching back to over 150 years.

A Quick History of Ford

In 1903, after two failed in its attempt in creating an automotive firm, Henry Ford, the son of Irish immigrants, founded the Ford Motor Company with $28,000 dollars contributed by a dozen venture capitalists. Ford believed in mass production and craftsmanship – and not an elitist approach to car ownership as was the norm at the time.

In 1908, he bought out his partner, Alex Malcomson, and launched a revolutionary car, the Ford Model T which as he said at the time was so “simple that even a boy of fifteen years could drive it” – the base price of the model was $850 which fell to $260 in 1925. The key to this price decline was Ford’s adoption of scientific management developed by an employee called Taylor for their car assembly chain. In the first year 10,660 units were produced.

In 1922, the company was the first to produce more than one million vehicles in the same year which coincided with the installation of assembly plants abroad. Ford was the first company to recommend high wages to its workers.  In 1914 Ford established the participation of employees in share profits and fixed the minimum wage to $5 for eight hours of daily work.

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The Ford Company Year by Year

1863 – 30th July: Birth of Henry Ford.

1891: Ford became engineer for the Edison Electric Company.

1893: Birth of Edsel Ford.

1896: Ford conducted its car test drive on the streets of Detroit.

1898: Ford completes his second car.

1899: The Detroit Automobile Company is formed. Ford appointed managing director.

1900: The Detroit Automobile Company ends trading before the end of the year due to the low level of sales.

1901 – 30th November: TheHenry Ford Company is formed.  Henry Ford receives one: sixth of the shares and is appointed Chief Engineer. Ford left after only three months bringing with him the name and $900 dollars.

1902: TheHenry Ford Company becomes Lancienne Cadillac. Tom Ford builds two race cars.

1903: With more investors the company is incorporated under the name of Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford owns a 25.5% interest with the first car being named the Model A.

1904: Ford introduces the Models B, C, and F cars.

1908: Introduction of the Ford Model T.

1913: The Ford Company starts mass production.

1914: Ford doubled the wages of most workers, with their salaries increasing to $5 dollars per day. Three: fifths of all the cars are built Models T and they are all painted black.

1918: Edsel Ford is appointed President of the Ford Motor Company.

1921: Henry Leland left Cadillac and starts the Lincoln Motor Company. The model T exceeds 1 million vehicles in annual sales.

1925: Balloon tires become available on the Model T and different colors are now available other than black.

1927:  Ford stops production of the Model T after releasing more than 15 million vehicles. They then start of production of the Model A.

1932:  Ford stops production of the Model A after more than 5 million units are sold.  They now begin work on the Ford V8 engine.

1935: Introduction of the Lincoln Zephyr. Ford is chosen as the lead car at the Indy 500.

1938: Introduction of the Mercury luxury brand off: shoot.

1939: Introduction of the Lincoln Continental.

1941: Introduction of the six: cylinder Ford.

1943: Edsel Ford dies of cancer and fever.

1945: Henry Ford II is named president despite the objections of Henry Ford.

1946: A Lincoln is chosen as the lead car in the Indy 500.

1947: Death of Henry Ford.

1948: Benson Ford appointed vice president of Ford and general manager of Lincoln Mercury.

1950: A Ford Mercury car chosen as the lead car in the Indy 500.

1959: Stop production of the Ford Edsel just one month after the introduction of the model.

1964: Introduction of the new sports Ford Mustang. Falcon recorded record sales of 417,000 units in its first year.

1965: Ford Mustang sales reach in excess of over 418,000 units during its first year of production to overshadow the record levels achieved by the Falcon a year earlier.

1978: Death of Benson Ford.

1980:  Henry Ford II retired from the presidency.

1990:  Ford buys English car brand Jaguar for 2.5 billion dollars.

Author Bio: Thanks to Bob Simmons from the GPS Navigation DVD website for supplying this history of Ford Motor Company article.  Visit Bob’s website where he has a Ford section dedicated to GPS map updates for all models of 21st century Ford cars and vans.

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