6 Reasons to Get a Private Registration on Your Car

If you love your car then you will be keen to treat it well and get a lot of fun out of it. An idea which is increasingly popular is that of putting on private plates, and here are a few good reasons to do so.

Just for Fun

There are some interesting registrations out there and maybe you will find one which makes you smile. It might be one with your old nickname from you school days, your dog’s name or anything else which looks like fun to you. With so many different combinations around it is likely that you find something good. With just a few minutes of searching I discovered one which ties in nicely with football team’s nickname.

To Hide Its Age

If you don’t want the whole world knowing how old your vehicle is then this is a clever way of making sure that they don’t know. My car is getting on a bit now but I make sure that I keep it clean and in good condition, so with a private plate it looks a lot newer than it really is. If only the same trick worked for people as well.

For Business Reasons

Another popular idea is to find a letter and number combination which ties in with your business. Obviously this will be easier with some types of business than with others. If you approach the subject with an open mind and a bit of imagination then you come up with some creative registration plates that help promote your company subtly.

To Stand Out

Maybe you want to turn heads as you cruise past. A snappy and attention grabbing plate is a terrific way of doing this. The most exciting ones tend to be highly sought after but by searching around you could find a bargain.

As an Investment

This seems a bit of a strange idea but private plates can be a good investment idea. The most popular ones tend to go in value over time and can become extremely sought after. Ideally you will choose one which becomes popular in the future for some reason. I realise that isn’t very specific advice but if I knew which ones were going to be the best investments I’d buy them myself instead of telling you to do so.

Car Registration Plates

Photo Credits: http://www.flickr.com/photos/elsie/14002411/

For Luck

With 2013 creeping up on us there is a big decision to be made by anyone wanting a new car.  Do you really want a “13”plate? If you are as superstitious as me you will buy a personalised plate, throw some salt over your shoulder and hang a rabbit’s foot from the mirror before you drive it for the first time.


There are now more reasons than ever to look the current choice of car registration plates. There are plenty to choose from so you should find one which is perfect.

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