5 Reasons to Choose a Used Truck for Your Fleet

When it comes to buying a truck, there is the eternal question of whether to purchase new or used. There are, arguably, reasons to consider both but ultimately there are more benefits to buying a used vehicle. Here are five reasons why.


For many buyers, this is the main reason why used trucks score over new every time. With a second hand vehicle you can genuinely save thousands of pounds on a new version and in many cases you can obtain a nearly new model and still save significant amounts. With the extra few thousand in your bank, you can use the money in other areas to help your business grow.

Slower depreciation

Any vehicle, whether it’s a truck, small van or private car will lose more money in its first year of existence than at any other time in its life. Once again, you could be several thousand pounds out of pocket when the time comes to sell a truck that you purchased from new. By buying second hand, deprecation is significantly slower and you ultimately save more money on a final resale.

Lowering financial add-ons

With a used truck, there are two distinct areas of your additional running costs where you are likely to save more money. As a general rule, an older truck will attract a lower insurance premium than a new version and costs of replacement parts for second hand vehicles should be far cheaper at the same time.


Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rexroof/2825940111/

Choice and Negotiation

It’s widely acknowledged that sales of second hand trucks are down all over the world and that means that dealers are far more open to negotiating a final price. The consumer really has the upper hand as far as the deal is concerned and the option for increased haggling, together with a huge choice of used trucks is an added benefit that brand new vehicles just can’t compete with.


The reasons for considering a used truck aren’t simply financial but here is an area where some would argue that a new vehicle scores more points over a used counterpart. However, if you are vigilant when you are making a purchase then you can make sure that your second hand truck is as reliable as any model. Make sure to look for full service history and details of recent repairs as these will give you clues as to how reliable your truck will be. With a new model, you simply cannot predict what will happen and although there may be warranties in place, any down time is a nuisance and will cost your business money.

Sophie works alongside Walker Movements and understands that from a cost and reliability point of view, used trucks have a great deal to offer. 

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