I would argue that most people are unable to truly trust

And as result of this they must

Be themselves the first to deceive

And as they conceive their plots of treachery

The misery of it all, is that the righteous always fall

While the wicked remain tall, seemingly apart and alone from us all

And wherever they stand, a shadow of sorrow covers the land

And the people, weak and feeble

Whose hearts remain warm, even when their bodies are cold

The young, the old, the meek, the bold

Their stories told sadden my soul

And at what cost have they lost their will to fight

I will not go quietly into the night, I’ll continue with all of my might

So long as the blood in my veins continues to flow, I’ll try

It’s when my blood turns to stains that I’ll know I’ve died

And even then, when I know I’ve drawn my final breath

It wont be wasted being saved, but letting loose a war cry before my death

So act as every moment is your last

Knowing no injustice is too small to let pass


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Idle Musings

As you sit and muse as to what will come

Hope and faith effuse an equal sum

It’s a fool’s move to rely on anticipations

When they were neither rooted nor grounded with proclamations

It’s hard to imagine a future I myself did not shape

Aspirations assaulted and dreamed defiled ought to be called rape

Rape of the mind, future, but mostly your rights

I will no longer stay idle and sit, it’s time to fight with all of our might

The Present Is Your Continual Gift

Could you believe or agree that we could achieve and see

Within our lifetime a peace of mind, a crime, it eludes most of mankind

And as you seek and sought the thought that ought have brought about your happiness

There’s no confusion, it was simply an illusion

And I regret to say you did not reflect that day

Because the problem at hand is there is little we understand

Certainly of providential guidance and the plan for man

So worry not for what tomorrow, nor of the past

These concerns bring only sorrow, which will continually last

But you can be content, so long as you are not hesitant

To accept the gift of today and now, otherwise called the present

Strength Of Will

I cannot foresee how things will be, but I’ll rest assured that I’ll be happy

For me you see I cannot flee, from these terrible feelings of misery

So then, I’ll befriend, and endure these feelings to the end

To mend and tend till finally I bend

Any feelings into happiness as that’s what I defend

Winds Of Change

The winds of change howl once again

What misfortunes or fortunes will they blow in

And though the storm is about to begin

I prefer to face this one till the end


In the morning with the sun, I feel the love and joy inside

But when nightfall comes, I fear my sun will refuse to rise

Patience gone, my resolve was tried, and on the inside I have died

But even in death you can be reborn and with this fact I have no fear

So take my hand and come with me

I’ll show you a place of peace my dear


What is it that spurs love on

There are times when it should be present

Yet it refuses to reveal itself

Other times, you hate to acknowledge the fact

That it tears at your heart and soul

Eating its gluttonous fill until you are left empty and hollow

Yet there you stand in wonderment

Weak from its endless hunger

Blind to its disguise

Lonely in its presence

Craving and desiring absolutely nothing more in the world

Than for the pain to remain, and for all to stay the same

The author of these pieces was Damien S. Wilhelmi. If enjoyed these, you can follow me on twitter @JakabokBotch. I am writing on behalf of, who offer the best in Organic Massage Cream online.

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