How Can Conference Calls Help Bloggers?

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1. How can conference calls help businesses and others?
2. How can conference calls help bloggers for their development?
3. How can conference calls help bloggers manage their team?
4. Can a blogger hold a webinar using conference calls?
5. Can a blogger benefit from using conference calls?

Most people merely associate conference calls with large, multinational businesses that need to utilise the concept to avoid the huge travel costs for standard meetings.  However, the fact of the matter is that anybody can use conference calls to benefit their business – and bloggers are certainly included in this list.  Whether it is to increase readership or to possibly expand in other ways, conference calls can aid your blog in ways you’ve probably not even thought of.

Talk To Investors

This was one of the first times I used a conference call.  A couple of years ago I was contacted by a huge internet acquisition company who were interested in purchasing one of my most established websites.  With this company having its headquarters based in the US, and me stuck in the UK, discussions in the past could have been hard and expensive.  However, they quickly suggested a conference call and we were able to efficiently talk over details.  Admittedly, no sale ever went through, but I was amazed at just how open conference calls are to people and how they can assist businesses of all sizes.

Chat To Other Bloggers

Even though there are some markets where blogging becomes extremely competitive, on the whole bloggers like to help one another.  This help could be in the form of some sort of link partnership, posting scheme or just the sharing of information about a particular industry.  Nevertheless, with blogs being established across all nations, any owner wishing to discuss their blog niche may not be simply able to pick up the phone due to the extravagant international calling costs.  Therefore, a conference call is the next best thing and also allows other bloggers to join in the chat and throw ideas around for development.

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Find That Desired Guest Post

It’s no secret that more and more blogs are starting to rely on guest posters.  Moreover, a lot of bloggers have managed to put together teams to update the website – whether these individuals are paid or work on a voluntary basis.  For these reasons, blog owners now have the perfect chance to communicate with all members of their team in one go and discuss possible new post ideas.  This of course means that there shouldn’t be the dreaded duplicate post problem – with two writers constructing a post on the same topic.

Hold a Webinar

If you look at a lot of blogs, particularly those in the business and webmaster industries, there tends to be a focus on webinars at the moment.  Blog owners are constantly holding these webinars in the hope of educating their users further and of course making their website an even more valuable resource.  Conference calls allow these events to occur very easily and provide bloggers with an additional platform to reach out to their users.

It is clear to see that many website owners can make use of conference calls to benefit their blog.  Even though many still think that this method of communication is only relevant to large companies, more and more bloggers are making use of the technology to benefit their website.

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