Decent content or will just any old content do?  The last year has seen something of an about turn for content providers and those looking for content.  SEO copywriters are not exactly thin on the ground, although good copy is still harder to find than bad.  The quality of the results from Google, as far as I can tell, has certainly improved.  I no longer have to skip to page three of the search engine results to find useful and relevant results, or at least not as often.  But does quality content matter quite as much as we believe and what is quality anyway?

The Nuts and Bolts

Let’s start with the nuts and bolts.  Content includes, though may not be restricted to, words and images.  Words are best when spelt correctly, while images should stay well clear of being the stock variety.  Grammar, flow of the work and good use of language are all the skills you’ll need from your writer.  When it comes to images, originality will go a long way.  Presentation and layout of these words and images will also need to be thought through – designers and graphic artists can help.

Which Content Where?

If you have a good SEO copywriter to hand those words don’t need to be ordered in large quantities.  Different areas of your site will need different amounts of content.  Blogs and “about us” sections should be as fresh, innovative and creative as possible.  This is where you might want to get some help to make sure you make the most of these valuable resources.  Sales pages you can stuff with words and hard sell, if you must.  However, if somebody has navigated to them, they’ll probably need less persuasion than you think.  Less is more in this case.


The DIY Approach

So should you do all this or hire in help?  If you are an experienced web designer, copywriter and SEO expert you’ll manage fine on your own.  If you’re not selling these services then you’ll need to consider where your experience or abilities lie.  For many products and services, search engine results seem to be throwing up market-leading brand names these days.  As the first page, if not the first three or four results, are where people will be clicking, you’ll need to be looking at ranking there.  If you’re operating in a niche market, with a few players, achieving this is far easier.  But getting to the top of the list is only part of it.  A bleak, badly constructed website will not endear an audience and they’ll most likely click back rather than explore further.

Finding the Right Help

You’ll find most things that you want online these days, including a host of freelancers and agencies.  Generally, SEO agencies or copywriting agencies will be the place to start.  There are a lot of cheap and cheerful freelancers out there who have been lured into the industry with promises of working from home and earning two hundred pounds an hour.  “Working from home” for many people means being at home, which is lovely, but many of them have mentally screened out the “working” bit.  It can come as a shock to them.  Amongst this haystack of freelancers there’ll be the odd needle of a pro, but you can search long and hard before finding them.  You may also waste some good money in the process.  The advantage of working with an agency is that they’ll have a range of tried and tested experts in a range of fields, combining SEO, content making and the ability to get the work done.

Creating not only a SEO web site, but one that will inspire and engage is not as simple as it seems.  An SEO copywriter can help to achieve the right balance between the needs of search engines and the needs of your customers.

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jillclardy/2565436529/

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