There are both times of happiness and sorrow

And if all that’s left is a bleak tomorrow

Tomorrows sorrow is an eternity away

And with I say

Give thanks today

For in the moment is how live

Remembrance of the past is what we give

Our thought and attention leaves little mention

To futures yet unseen

It’s all a dream

Though tired and lonely, if once and only

I can be free from woe and worry

I can dream a better dream

This I can say

I have given thanks today

As tomorrows fate and future may have misled misadventure

With the lions and vultures venture

Towards my gift of today

That’s why it’s called the present, and the only way to leaven

This from hell or heaven

Is to not care for today

For yesteryears events have unfolded

And any attempt at a future molded

Can only result in the present being scolded

And scolded for what is unknown

History is every moment in the making

While future is the present breaking

Tearing, shaking, and giving way

So your gift can be known

Thus, I invite you all one and many

To a feast which will be much and plenty

Devil or God whomever may have sent thee

You are welcome in my home

God or beast or angelic devil

Whether friend or foe meaning peace or trouble

I invite you here with an inviting edible

In which you can enjoy

So let us break bread and at once we can end this

And once we are fed, its one thing we wont miss

For now things said, I assure you it’s not bliss

These feelings we employ

These feelings which we employ are sinful

The amount of which would fill a tin full

The amount of which would be a brimful

These facts you cannot ignore

These facts you can’t ignore no more

Ignore no more for what’s in store

For what’s in store I must implore

There are certain truths to the lore

Though there are truths in lies and lies in truths

I must admit it’s a bit uncouth

For both to mingle under a single roof

The roof under which we sit

And gods with hooves and scepters which sooth

Gargoyles that move yet it’s so easy to prove

You are all one in the same

You are all one in the same a wicked trickster

And ghastly ghouls that tried to trick her

Mind into calling you miss and mister

But you fiends I did not miss

I did not miss the cleverness about you

A snakes hiss is fixed in the mouth about you

Its with this your tricks are almost and about to

Surely end I am afraid

I am afraid it was in the bread thus broken

That I offered up my token

Of my appreciation so spoken

For in truth there is much more

More for what was not thus stated

And the fact that man has been so slated

Slated as if we had been hated

So hated from long ago

Long before I knew your name

Long before we began this game

Long before you longed for fame

Long before you pointed blame

Long before you first felt shame

Long before you lost your aim

Long before I knew the score

Long before these times of yore

Though such a long time ago your egos flaring

While into the abyss you’ll be left staring

The weight of the world you are no longer bearing

So please let it take hold

Let it take hold and die with honor

Your pain and suffering will be made no longer

Your games played only made us stronger

So much stronger than before

So nefarious beings with hatred seething

With the fumes of revenge you are continually breathing

From their plots to an end which they are no doubt seeking

Relief for centuries they have been needing

But with what result

Who could blame their hearts for rotting

As the boastful go about their trotting

The tricksters labor with all of their plotting

The result must have been revolt

So you’ve succeeded in exhausting my patience

You’ve made me week feeble and anxious

And in the end it will be you the one who will thank us

I proclaim

We consort with you no more


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The author of this piece was Damien S. Wilhlemi. If you enjoyed this piece you can follow me on twitter @JakabokBotch. I am writing on behalf of where you can find Original Art in Boulder Colorado.

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