Why Give Graffiti a Chance?

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1) How does graffiti became popular?
2) What are the goals behind graffiti?
3) How graffiti help artists express themselves?
4) What is the distinct look of graffiti?
5) What graffiti can last a long time?

Ever looked at a graffiti-laden wall and felt conflicting emotions of love and hate? You’re not the only one. For years graffiti has been the cause of debate among various groups, particularly between authorities and other, more liberal-thinking parties. Most forms of authority view these oft uncalled for explosions of spray paint on walls as acts of vandalism punishable by law, while others view them as modern works of art.

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Most only need the sight of their own walls seemingly defiled by graffiti to be strongly biased against them, and understandably so. But graffiti shouldn’t only be viewed as a nuisance, for behind them lie deep convictions. In this article we take a look at the motivations behind these unique, captivating and controversial works of art.

The Goals behind Graffiti

  • Political

Though they began as far back as the prehistoric times in the form of informative illustrations on cave walls, in recent years graffiti have more often been viewed as destructive symbols of disorder and rebellion. This may be partly true as one of the main reasons people create graffiti in many parts of the world is to express their discontent of their governments, and to publicise and popularise their movements against ruling bodies without revealing their identities. In many parts of the world groups who feel oppressed by the government due to racial, religious, cultural, class or age differences use graffiti to promote their causes. Other groups or gangs also use graffiti to communicate to one another, strengthen their unity or mark their territory. These movements of course cause some disorder, thus graffiti are viewed in such bad light.

  • Popularity

But as with any medium, graffiti have also been used positively in many other ways. In recent years many companies and the grown-up members of generation Y have begun to view them more as unique works of art rather than symbols for uprising. The distinct look of graffiti with its bright colours, bold statements and distinguishable features has led to the popularity of graffiti being used in marketing and design. One graffiti artist who has gained much success and popularity in moving her graffiti into marketing is Fafi, a Parisian who began by doodling her daring and darling graffiti around the streets of Paris. Her works caught the attention and acceptance of many passersby and companies, eventually landing her design collaborations with popular brands like LeSportsac, MAC cosmetics, Coca Cola and Adidas.

  • Self-Expression

Another aspect of graffiti, and perhaps the most essential aspect that makes it a positive rather than a negative thing is that like every medium, its very core is self- expression. Graffiti can serve no other purpose than to help artists express themselves – their thoughts, their feelings, their beliefs. In this way artists also reach out to other artists and people, helping them to express themselves as well.

  • Memorial

And because some graffiti, particularly ones made in concrete can last a long time, others use it to create memorials. Some graffiti can mark a significant event, location or commemorate a significant person.

When Graffiti Need to Go

Graffiti can have plenty of purposes for sure, but there are also cases wherein taggers just want to cause mischief by destroying other people’s property. Sometimes taggers will target expensive surfaces simply because they want to make their mark last and they know that putting it on an expensive surface will make it harder to remove. When something like this happens, then it’s definitely time to get rid of the graffiti, and it’s best to call an experienced cleaning company like Fusion Cleaning to do the job. Only expert cleaning companies like Fusion Cleaning can perform concrete cleaning in Sydney and even tile and grout cleaning that guarantees safe and efficient removal of graffiti on all types of wall surfaces. They can also perform additional services like concrete sealing in Sydney to further protect your surfaces.

Sometimes beautiful, sometimes disturbing but always attention-grabbing, graffiti exist not as mere haphazard acts of vandalism but avenues for various purposes. Love them or hate them, keep them or get rid of them, graffiti are definitely modern art forms of our time that when given a chance, can do more than decorate or seemingly defile an empty wall.

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